MARATHONS in 8 weeks


The Melbourne Marathon is in 8 weeks time. I am still following the training schedule prepared by Champion Marathon runner Pat Carroll. I suffer from a painful heel which makes running fairly hard.

This last week I have spent a few days away from the Melbourne winter up at my apartment in Queensland. Surfers Paradise.


This is what my training consisted of during the last week. As before I have inserted what Pat suggested I do and what I actually did.

MONDAY: Pat said Rest Day. As I had done little the previous day I decided on a run along the beach. Ran into a strong head wind for 25 minutes and then U turned for a total of 50 minutes. I thought this would be fun but really it was very hard.

TUESDAY : Pat said 50 minutes. I ran for 56 minutes ( roads not sand this time ) with a strong finish. Leg bothered me a bit but I am used to that.


WEDNESDAY : Pat said 1 hour 30 but my leg was so sore only managed 50 minutes. Very Heavy rain the entire time ( This is meant to be the sunshine state). Found this a hard run.

THURSDAY : Pat said 50 minutes. Ran some trails but felt sick from the outset. U turned at 20 and hammered the return journey over hills as hard as I could. Total 40 minutes approx. Felt terrible at the end.


FRIDAY: Pat said 10 by one minute efforts but did not feel I could do this as my foot seemed to be getting worse. Ran 10 minutes along soft sand and then 15 minutes on the road. Not a happy run.

SATURDAY : Back in Melbourne I ran my usual 7 km in the dark and cold. Really felt the cold and really found the whole exercise hard. My will power is almost non existent.

SUNDAY : Pat said run for two hours but I thought I am going so badly I have to run more. Went to Albert Park Lake and ran around it 6 times…about 29/30 km. I did not stop or take any water. TIME was 2-45 which is pretty slow. However my last 5 km was the fastest lap. Tamami ran 2 nd,4 th and 6 th lap with me. I would not have been able to do without her. Felt so bad on finishing that I could not drive home.


SO THAT was the week that was. I have to work harder at my running. A little disappointed at how it is going. Hopefully next week I can do a lot better.


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