Marathon Woes.


Just over a week before the Melbourne Marathon I became ill and th did not run. I have never really been so sick I could not race. I am proud of the fact that since I started work in 1974 I have never missed a day’s work.

On the Friday before the Sunday Marathon I ran 3 km. I really had to dig deep to just finish this run.

NEW YORK: I went to America to support Tamami when she ran the NYC Marathon on November 6 th. Whilst she ran very well I was still a bit ill and ran for 42 minutes next to the East River.

JAMAICA: Day after the Marathon we went to Montego Bay for a week of R & R in the sun. I ran on the Treadmill( boring plus) everyday for up to 50 minutes. 

TOKYO: Arriving back in Japan this Monday after a very hard plane flight I managed a short jog just before midnight. Travelled economy class for the last time. I am a Spartan but there are limits! 🙂

THIS WEEK IN TOKYO.TUESDAY : : Very easy 5 km with Tamami. Plan is to be smart(!!) and start back slowly. Also started doing stomach crunches again ( 500) and push ups(40) again. My weight was up to 68.1 Kgms ( almost 150 pounds) which was to be expected after all the food available in Jamaica.

WEDNESDAY :Ran an easy 16 minutes with another 30 minutes alone…total 46 minutes. Felt terrible and struggled to finish.

THURSDAY  : Ran 5 km by myself in my new shoes ( 290 grams). Felt OK. Weight 68.8 Kgms…:-)

FRIDAY: One hour run which felt ok. Foot a little sore at the end. Took my Blood Pressure : 128/76. For me this is excellent. Weight 67.9 Kgms which is moving in the right direction. Resting Heart Rate : 49. A little high but no great worry. Will get down once I start running.

PLAN: Now back in Japan for another two months plan is to try to  get a little faster and a little lighter. Get my running flowing again..Also get to the Gym on a regular basis. And above all never get sick again


All replies welcome.

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