This last week running in Japan was ok I suppose. I am over my illness and my foot problems are now only minimal. My running week has evolved as follows:

SATURDAY( November 20th) : An easy two laps( 10km) of the Palace with Tamami San in a bit over 55 minutes. Crowds made it a little harder than I would have liked but that is of course to be expected.


MONDAY: Started the day( week) well with a solid gym session in the morning. However I left it far too late to go out running. Dark when I started and then it started to rain. I am scared of slipping on the tiles near the canals where I run. I tried a long surge on some rough road ( no slipping). Only about 600m. Felt terrible. Ran home slowly. Not good. Weight 68.1. 😦


TUESDAY: About 13 km the first two being with Tamami. Strong enough finish.Felt a little sick. Weight 67.4 Kgms .

WEDNESDAY: Tried to run a little faster. About 5 km. I am very slow. 😦

THURSDAY : Snow day. I can handle rain and cold and heat but I am too much of a wimp to run in the snow. 30 minutes on the treadmill.Boring. Managed 100 push ups for the first time in a while.

FRIDAY: Reasonable run with Tamami San of about 12 Kms. I still  take a long time to get moving. Weight 67.5 Kgms.

SATURDAY: Ran a slightly different route and made it to about 15 km running with Mi chan.Started terribly and at the end felt lacking in energy.


SUNDAY: Social run with friend and Tamami over the rainbow bridge. Slow pace with a few stops. Counting run to the meeting place probably about 15 km. A very enjoyable run.


Overall nothing special this week. About 67 Kms. Certainly  can get this up to 90kms soon. Not feeling great but getting a little better I think.






All replies welcome.

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