COMPLETED ✅First week of training done and dusted.

After being ill in October and doing very little running apart from a couple of races and my usual daily run,I have started training again…even if what I have done has been fairly easy.Hopefully I can push myself a lot harder as time goes by.

SUNDAY : First day back had to be taken easily. Ran 12 km with Tamami really pushing myself hard over the last bridge. Felt pretty ordinary afterwards.A  little dizzy as well.

Monday : Out with a friend all way.Walked and walked and walked. Home 🏡 late. Short jog. Easy day.Legs tired. Enjoyable day. 😁

Tuesday : Ran an easy 23 minutes and then did 8 hill sprints. Really tried hard.Legs wobbled near the end.Felt sick in my stomach which is always a good sign.Did not faint.

Wednesday: Good gym session. Stretching and weights. Left hamstring felt very sore….maybe as a result of hill sprints? Only a short jog as leg hurt 😭.


Thursday : Le Tour de Yamanote. Namban Team runs every station on the Yamanote 🚃Line in Tokyo. 29 stations.About 44 km…or more 😱. Only ran 19 stations.Very slow but a good day out.My distance was maybe 19 or 20 kms. Weight 66.7 Kgm. 👌 


Friday. Slightly longer in the gym….weights and exercises. A little scared of hurting my hamstring so light on leg exercises.Did some squats which I normally never do. Only short jog in the afternoon. FIRST week is an easy one.

SATURDAY: Stupid stupid stupid 😨 Ran long with Tamami san but being a complete idiot I tripped over a concealed vine  in the secret forest 🌳 and crashed onto the pavement after only 7 or 8 kms.😡😩. Really only bruises and cuts ( and some blood lost)but still a shock. I have now fallen 3 times 😵.I suppose over 50 years is not too bad an average but still pretty miserable. Tamami helped me up and managed another 13 kms to actually make it quite a decent run. No need really to call a doctor 👨‍⚕️ or go to hospital…although others may have thought otherwise.



SO…first week completed…ok I suppose…not trying to do too much too early. Just trying to ease back into with lots of rest. Next week will be better and certainly I will not fall over again.









MARATHON : Melbourne Marathon October 18 th


I have 15 weeks between the Gold Coast marathon and the Melbourne Marathon.

I am making sure that my first priority is a full recovery. Hold off training until my mind and body have recovered from the awful performance in the Gold Coast Marathon.

I plan to take two weeks ” off”.
I was pretty fit before my last Marathon and I don’t think all that fitness disappears completely during a spell of easy running.


Monday : Very short jog day after Marathon.Legs sore.
Tuesday : Another short jog.
Swimming in a very cold pool ( my Tri days are over for sure)


Wednesday : Gym…51 minutes of pushing weights and ab exercises
Stationary Bike…15 minutes easy
Run….slow 3km

Thursday. : Gym….55 minutes
Stationary Bike…22 minutes
Run…easy 3 Km.


Friday : Run 3km a little bit faster than previous
Saturday : Short jog
Sunday : Run….6 Km…in the rain. Ok.

So today is the start of the second week of my recovery.

Feeling pretty good but that is probably because I am not doing much.

PARIS & GOLD COAST Marathons were disappointing. My plan is to a lot better in the Melbourne Marathon. It will be my 14 th Melbourne Marathon.


Marathon : Day after


Tamami has pulled up really well after running the Marathon here in Seoul yesterday.
Her official time was 4-00.56
Official splits were
10 Km 54.01
10-20 Km 54.00 ( Can I ever set an even pace or what!!)
20-30 Km 55.42
30-40 Km 62 plus
40 to Finish took over 15 minutes.

An ok run but changes in training needed.
She took two gels and thought that was not enough.

She is reasonably happy with beating her Melbourne Marathon time of 4 weeks ago by about 3 minutes.


Personally I found the run rather easy although very frustrating trying to push Tamami to run harder at the finish.

UNFORTUNATELY now I have a lot of pain in the left side of my knee. I expect pain ( after all that is why one runs Marathons) but I am scared I may have torn or strained something. Not good.

BUT my plan now is to rest for a while before I start on my project to run the Tokyo Marathon on February 22 nd 2015.

Going back to Japan tonight….tomorrow I will hit the gym….spot of weights and then some bike.

Fingers crossed I am not injured.

Sick today.


Feeling so bad today Tamami wanted to call an ambulance. Fine but had to run first. Although my run was pretty short I worked hard on the ultra boring exercise bike in my building’s gym.

There was a new bakery restaurant opening today in Shinagawa Station so I dragged myself down there for a coffee. My photo makes me look like I am  at death’s door. 


I plan to be well soon.Image

Longer Run needed for speed



In my quest to get faster I want to work on amongst other things my  over all endurance. I want to stimulate the physiological demands of my race.Accordingly tomorrow morning I will run 20 Kms. I simply want to run a distance which I can handle without slowing to a jog.  Plan on increasing this distance and hopefully my ability to handle it as time goes by.

Last night I ran reps with my Tokyo Club Namban Rengo. I did not set any speed records but was well pleased. Today I only went for a short jog and then did 30 minutes on the exercise bike in my apartment’s gym. I must say riding an exercise bike is boredom plus. Still people do ramble on about cross training which I am not sure I believe too much in. But I can say today was cross training.