Another week of running in Japan. I am trying to take it easy and to commence training again on December 25 th.

This current post is written via my delux super modern cherry red coloured new iPad. 😎

MONDAY : A good start to the week. I ran what for me was a solid 12 km. I tried to run a little faster with my last 4 kms run at 5.22, 5.22, 5.10, 4.53. Sure this is not fast per se ,but I was running over a bridge and had to run onto the road to avoid a truck. SO in my current state this was not too bad. Weight 67.6 Kgm….Blood Pressure 122/72. Wore my old heavy shoes with orthotics. Happy  with this as I actually pushed myself out of my comfort zone.


TUESDAY : Ran a steady 5 km with Tamami San and then ran 6 hill sprints. Weight 67.4  Kgm. EAch hill about 48 seconds.Found this reasonably hard.

WEDNESDAY : Good  solid morning session in the gym in the morning. In the evening joined with Namban Team mates to run reps  in the park. We ran 2000,3×1000,2×500. In the dark I missed the finish for the last 500m and carried on for another 300m. 😦  Certainly I am woefully slow. Long way to go.😥 More of this is certainly necessary.


THURSDAY : Nothing in the morning but solid gym session in the afternoon followed by 5 km with Tamami. Probably not such a good idea to combine gym and running so close together. Felt pretty poor at the start. Finished OK even if I did feel a little sick.

FRIDAY : Good Japanese friend from Melbourne in Tokyo for a funeral this week end. Ran over the Rainbow Bridge with her and Tamami. She is only a 3.30 marathon runner but just left me way behind running up the incline on the bridge. Actually I felt really bad at a photo stop and almost fainted. Ran about 12 km over all. It was probably more a race than a social run.😮 Felt sick.But it was great to run with her and hopefully made her feel a little better.


SATURDAY: Joined Namban team mates for hill training.They are called The Hill Tribe.After about a 2 km (?) warm up we ran 8 hills over a bit over one minute each. Found this hard and was very much at the back of the pack.In fact I was second last for most runs although I picked up a couple of places in the last couple of runs. I will do better next week. I lack both speed and strength.

BONEKAI: This is a Japanese end of year party. Namban Rengo hold one every year.A very interesting and enjoyable evening. Great to see fellow team mates in something other than running gear.


NEXT WEEK: Another rest and recovery week. Not much planned other than something called RunLIsh….combines Running and English ( true!)…on Wednesday…and a Race on Friday ( public holiday)…and of course The Hill Tribe on Saturday. Perhaps the hills Tamami and I run on Tuesday’s are too short…will try and make these longer and harder.



Race: Not too good


Yesterday I raced for my Australian Club,Old Scotch,around the Mecca of running in Melbourne,The Tan.

I believe I tried hard enough but was just slow with a capital slow.

My Heart Rate was well up ( my max is meant to be 157 ) with a figure at 182 at it’s highest.But as much as I tried I took a long time to complete my leg of the relay.


I ran the first Km in 4.20 and then struggled from then on. The third Km which consists mostly of a very large hill took me 5.15. Last Km 4.36. Average 4.45. Pretty poor.

I trained well on the evening before the race and also trained in the morning of the day of the race. Almost all club races are in the afternoon which always gives me a chance to get another training session done in the morning before racing.

Tamami away playing golf today so it was lunch alone again and then a run by myself in the afternoon.

Feeling a bit down after yesterday’s poor race I struggled to get out the door.

Leaving a cold empty house alone,run alone on a bleak Winter Sunday afternoon in Melbourne and come home to a cold empty house, holds little appeal.

Pushed myself over about 6 Km in half an hour or so and then called it quits. No energy or desire to run more. Just stopped.
Call it a recovery run. Although recovery from what?


Wore an old pair of racing shoes today. They certainly felt light but made a massive noise as they hit the ground. Or maybe it was just me plodding.