Marathon: Ten weeks to go.


I am following Pat Carroll’s coaching plan leading up to the Melbourne Marathon on October 16 th. I still have a very sore ankle which makes things hard but not impossible. My latest week’s training was a struggle but finished reasonably well.

MONDAY : Plan: Rest day. I ran to the gym wearing my new orthotics.3.5km. Gym session for 60 minutes working on upper body and also doing some leg presses.Ran home from gym. Total 7 km. Easy running.


TUESDAY: Plan 6 x 500 timed. Ran 3 km warm up. Ran 6×500 along bike path. 2-05,1.59,1.57,1.59,2.00,1.54. Jogged home. Felt good to get out of my usual slow plod.

WEDNESDAY : Plan 80 minutes. Ran 8 km  in heavy rain in the morning wearing orthotics. Felt a bit sick..Disappointingly slow. 43.09 😦 In the afternoon changed to my racing flats and ran 6 km in 27.24. Not super fast but ok for me.


THURSDAY : Plan 50 minutes. Ran 50.02 wearing orthotics. Found this hard.Leg hurt a lot. Weight 66.2 kilos. Hopefully I can lose a couple of Kgms before the race.

FRIDAY : Plan 4 x 1000. Most of day concerned with selling office building. Ran 6 km.Could not get to track to do reps.


SATURDAY : Plan 50 minutes. I drove to the gym and pushed weights for 75 minutes. Felt a bit ill. Only short jog as long run planed for Sunday. Foot was again hurting quite a bit but am getting used to this.

SUNDAY : Plan 2 hours 40 minute run. Ran with two friends one of whom doing his first Marathon. Ran at his pace 5.40. This felt ok although dodging people,bikes and dogs did not help running. With two km to go I left him and ran the last two Kms alone in 5.10 and 5.04. Total running time 2 hours 27 minutes.

So although I did not follow  Pat’s plan to the letter I was fairly happy. Run on Sunday ( just over 26 km ) was encouraging.


Marathon Training Week Three.


I have now completed the third week of the training schedule written for me by champion Marathon runner Pat Carroll.

Week was ok I suppose although I still have a great deal of difficulty with my sore leg/heel/foot.

At least my heart rate seems to be getting slowly better.

imageMY WEEK:

MONDAY: Pat (PC) says ” Rest or 40 minutes running “.

Gym:  65 minutes…upper body and legs. Run: Could not face a slow 40 minutes so ran my old 6 km route.Tried hard 26.57.


TUESDAY: PC ” 70 minutes”. Ran 70.02 in light rain.

WEDNESDAY: PC ” 15 hills of about 30 seconds each with jog down”. Ran 15 hills in 30 seconds each with half jog.

THURSDAY: PC “50 minutes “. Ran 47.50. Out and back but with wind behind me on return.

FRIDAY: PC ” 40 minutes”. Ran 3km as race next day.

SATURDAY : AM: Easy 3 km. PM RACE: 5 km. ran as a pacer due to terrible muddy conditions.Not interested in risking injury.

SUNDAY : Pat said 2 hours 20 but left it too late so ran 7 km in the dark and the cold.


SO….that was my week.Hardly inspiring. My weight is down to 65.9 kilos so that is ok. I have also got some ORTHODICS which I hope will help reduce the pain.

MELBOURNE MARATHON in 12 weeks time.





It has now been two weeks since I ran the Melbourne Marathon.
I am taking it very slowly recovery wise. I ran the Marathon with pain in my heel and Achilles’ tendon.I am still suffering pain.

I do not want to simply do nothing but still I am taking it very easy.

PLAN is to ease myself slowly back into running and at the same time try to overcome the pain in my foot.

Even though I am not doing much exercise I am tying to get my weight down. Not easy in Japan where there are so many very nice things to eat.


MONDAY : 5 km in approx. 24 minutes. Weight 68.2 Kgm
TUESDAY: 38 minute run. Weight 67.0 Kgm
WEDNESDAY : Short jog…Exercise Bike 30 minutes. weight 66.7 Kgm
THURSDAY : Short jog. Gym..weights 30 minutes.
FRIDAY : 60 minute run with road stops. Weight 66.0 Kgm
SATURDAY : Approx 5 km run
SUNDAY : Two Forrest run…66.22. Ran hard.Longest run since the Melbourne Marathon.


I have started doing push ups and stomach crunches again. I usually manage about 100 push ups a day and 250 stomach crunches.
When running today I felt pain in my stomach when running up the hills…maybe the stomach crunches are being felt by my stomach fat.:-)

I am checking my Blood Pressure…currently 124 over 74 which whilst not ideal could well be worse.

My resting heart rate is 47. Again not great but does show that my recovery is coming along.

Next week I will take it easy and run no more than once a day.

Aim is to recover….I have plenty of time to get well before The Boston Marathon in April.


Running easily.


Today in Melbourne was cold and windy. Just after I set out the rain started.
But no big deal. I am still not running much so today was only 6 Km with Tamami San.
Felt pretty good….well apart from the rain,wind and cold. 🙂


FITBIT: I now wear a fitbit band 24/7. As well as counting my steps it records my heart rate.
My RESTING PULSE is now 44 which is ok. I noticed that my HR dropped to 34 over night.

TOMORROW I leave Melbourne and go to the Gold Coast for a spot of running in the sun.

Running: Training: Less is better


After running the second half of Monday’s medium long run very hard I decided to run easily on Tuesday.
Only about 6 Km along a bike path with Tamami.
Sounds pretty easy especially since I did not push too hard. But still an effort to get out late on a Melbourne Winter day.

Heart rate did make it to the sky like it did on Monday when it was 180 plus.


I think this move of doing less may help me. Certainly if I can feel less tired and not be in pain most of the time, it must be to my advantage.

Felt ok after finishing….not great mind you…but ok.


Long Run recovery.


After a none too inspiring run yesterday where I managed only two and a half hours I needed time to recover. I am passed the stage where I run long and the next day run again in pain. now I rest.

Accordingly I went to the gym first thing this morning and pushed weights up and down. More than 70 minutes which is a lot for me these days. Can’t say I get much joy out of this. I did however use the 14 kilos dumbells for a short while.
Quite a bit if ab work as well.


Tamami was out playing golf all day againtoday but she left me lunch which was very much appreciated. Sometimes I am so hungry these days that I feel sick.
As well as resting more I am now taking in the fuel….meaning eating.


Legs felt very sore and my toes were bruised from yesterday’s so called Long Run.However I pushed myself out the door and ran 6 Km. First Km was very painful but after that I seemed to lift and ran the last 5 Km quite well.
It was not really cold but I still felt the wind.I was shivering before I started !


My heart rate seems to be ok. Certainly my fitbit band indicates when I am putting in an effort.


Hopefully I can do a bit better next week.

Marathon Training : Final days


Just over two weeks until I run the Paris Marathon.

After a reasonably hard mid week medium distance run of 20 Km yesterday, today was a faily easy day.


75 minutes pushing weights this morning.
500 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.
Gym membership now suspended unto May.


My old 30 minute route…took 28.33
For some reason I felt quite good for once.

I took my pulse immediately upon finishing. 149 beats per minute.
Probably what I would have expected if I had given it any thought.


Despite feeling ok out in the roads this afternoon I am not really feeling that great.
Accordingly my LONG RUN will be done not tomorrow but in Saturday.

Next Week I go to Japan.