COMPLETED ✅First week of training done and dusted.

After being ill in October and doing very little running apart from a couple of races and my usual daily run,I have started training again…even if what I have done has been fairly easy.Hopefully I can push myself a lot harder as time goes by.

SUNDAY : First day back had to be taken easily. Ran 12 km with Tamami really pushing myself hard over the last bridge. Felt pretty ordinary afterwards.A  little dizzy as well.

Monday : Out with a friend all way.Walked and walked and walked. Home 🏡 late. Short jog. Easy day.Legs tired. Enjoyable day. 😁

Tuesday : Ran an easy 23 minutes and then did 8 hill sprints. Really tried hard.Legs wobbled near the end.Felt sick in my stomach which is always a good sign.Did not faint.

Wednesday: Good gym session. Stretching and weights. Left hamstring felt very sore….maybe as a result of hill sprints? Only a short jog as leg hurt 😭.


Thursday : Le Tour de Yamanote. Namban Team runs every station on the Yamanote 🚃Line in Tokyo. 29 stations.About 44 km…or more 😱. Only ran 19 stations.Very slow but a good day out.My distance was maybe 19 or 20 kms. Weight 66.7 Kgm. 👌 


Friday. Slightly longer in the gym….weights and exercises. A little scared of hurting my hamstring so light on leg exercises.Did some squats which I normally never do. Only short jog in the afternoon. FIRST week is an easy one.

SATURDAY: Stupid stupid stupid 😨 Ran long with Tamami san but being a complete idiot I tripped over a concealed vine  in the secret forest 🌳 and crashed onto the pavement after only 7 or 8 kms.😡😩. Really only bruises and cuts ( and some blood lost)but still a shock. I have now fallen 3 times 😵.I suppose over 50 years is not too bad an average but still pretty miserable. Tamami helped me up and managed another 13 kms to actually make it quite a decent run. No need really to call a doctor 👨‍⚕️ or go to hospital…although others may have thought otherwise.



SO…first week completed…ok I suppose…not trying to do too much too early. Just trying to ease back into with lots of rest. Next week will be better and certainly I will not fall over again.









MARATHON : The art of the Recovery.


I have run 4 marathons this year ( Tokyo,Paris,Gold Coast,Melbourne ). After the first three I pretty much had to get back into training ASAP in anticipation of the next race. However after Melbourne I am going to do it differently.

Some people say recover one day for each Km run ( 42 days) whilst others say one day for every mile ( 26 days). Whilst others just train the day after the Marathon.
Who is to say what is correct ? I think everyone is different and what works for some may not suit others.
ANYWAY this is what I am doing…

I went into the Melbourne Marathon with a sore heel and came out of it with a Very sore heel and maybe Achilles’ tendon trouble. I also have a lot of pain in my right hamstring which adds to my woes.
BUT I was still glad I finished the Melbourne Marathon…my 14th Melbourne.
See Painting of finish. 🙂


My next Marathon is BOSTON in April. So there is no real hurry to get back in action. However I want to run so I am working at getting well.


Monday -Thursday Very short jogs each day.
Friday ( went to Japan ) : short jog/ 15 minutes on exercise bike/weights( seated upper body)
Saturday : Longer jog but still short/ 30 minutes on exercise bike.
Weight 68.2 kgm/ HR 45 / BP 134/76
Sunday : 5 km with Mi chan. 24.14 ( felt faster )
40 push ups….started again….


PAIN : I experience a lot of pain walking and running. Also painful to sit for long periods.

I am doing a little running but not much.

MONDAY : Ran 5 km with Mi chan. 24.00. ( felt I wanted to run faster)
Push ups 100.
TUESDAY: ran 38.19 with Mi chan to Forrest.Started well but a lot of pain at the end.
Weight 67.0 Kgm

WEDNESDAY: AM: push ups 40. Stomach Crunches 250 ( started again)
Started stretching

My aim is to overcome this pain in my heel and fix my hamstring problem.
I believe I am getting better….hopefully I am not just kidding myself.


Marathon : Paris April 12 th


Whilst still in recovery mode from the Tokyo Marathon which I ran almost a couple of weeks ago I went out last night and ate up big …Pizza….well half a pizza….
My Will power is non existent.


WEIGHT : After such a pork out I expected my weight to sky rocket. I was happy with my Friday weigh in of 64.6 Kilos. That’s like about 142 pounds in old speak. I was 140 at school so have not gained too much in last 46 years.
I think I can drop some weight once I start running again.

Had a really bad night sleep wise and felt a bit ill right from the start.
Ran for 90 minutes. Not fast. Around the 17 Km Mark.
Finished well. Wore my old shoes which cut my heal. Blood on the shoes. No big deal.
Still in recovery mode so no need to do too much yet.
After the first hour I started to feel ok… Sort of….so it was an enjoyable run in it’s way.


Push ups 100
Crunches 250
Back stretches 10x 5
Crunches with weight behind my head : 20 ( hard).
Push ups with lifting weights at same time…50 ( very hard)

I know I must do more….Gym tomorrow morning….I will really hammer myself.

AFTER running
Tamami gave me some yummy recovery food. Feeling hungry as only had a small breakfast. This fruit stuff covered for Lunch.
Also had a couple of coffee….maybe not that good for me but I am weak willed.


133/85… Acceptable…not great….
Heart Rate:
50 : after push ups…my excuse.

Just over FIVE weeks till Paris Marathon.


Marathon : Next week Tokyo


THIS TIME next week I will be in Japan. Feeling a tad nervous.

Another hot day in Melbourne town.
Ran for exactly an hour with Josie.We ran along a track called Warburton Trail which apparently goes for around 40 Km.
Maybe have a shot one day at running it all.
After about five minutes we stopped at a road crossing and my knee completely collapsed. I could no longer run…or really walk.
But I recovered and ran on.
It was a really enjoyable run….lots and lots of running talk.

Yet more heat.
I ran 5.5 Km. Finished quite well.
A little hot on finishing.


125 push ups
200 stomach crunches ( felt sick…maybe too many)
Quad lifts with weights 10 x 2 each leg. ( Doctor said do every second day)
Back stretches 10 x 3
Used the roller on my quads

On this day Every year I try on my 1984 Red Devil Tee Shirt to see if it still fits.


WEIGHT : 65.6 Kgm.
BLOOD pressure : 125/81

Tamami left early to slam out another hard 20 Km….maybe a smidge more.
I sat on the sofa and had a coffee.


Marathon : Recovery Plan continues.


After running both the Melbourne and Seoul Marathon within 4 weeks I am now working towards my recovery. Accordingly I am taking it very easy at the moment.

This morning 75 push ups and 400 stomach crunches. I could have done more but am a bit lazy and find the stomach crunches ( which I do it batches of 50 ) very hard.

Every Thursday Tamami and I go out to a top Tokyo Restaurant for lunch. This means there are at least three courses. Fortunately some of these fancy places don’t really believe in over loading your plate with food. But it always looks great. Still probably more food than I would normally eat at lunch time.


My experience with running Marathons is that by Thursday after a Sunday race most of the pain has left your legs.
However I did not want to do any running at this stage.
But I thought an easy 5 Km is practically nothing. So Tamami and I ran around the canals near our Tokyo Apartment.

We ran reasonably well and did not push it.I think we both ran fairly smoothly.
Back of my left knee a little sore when I finished. Put some ice on and that seemed to help.

In 2015 I am running Marathon wise….
February. Tokyo
April. Paris
October. Melbourne.

There is also the Gold Coast Marathon in July…..maybe…..

Easy Run in preparation for Group Run tomorrow morning.


Not really necessary to taper for a training run but tomorrow Tamami & I have organized a group run with Namban friends. So only a short jog tonight in the cold,windy,dark and rain swept streets of Tokyo.ImageTomorrow morning we will run into the Shinagawa Forests and on towards Hanada Airport. Only about 20 Km. Should be fun.

Temp tomorrow max of 7 and min of 2.

Tonight only a short jog followed by 100 push ups and 300 stomach crunches. Push up wise this is a lot for me. Maybe next year I can aim for 100 or is that too big an aim.