MARATHON: Struggle.


With six weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon I am still trying to follow the schedule set out for me by Marathon runner Pat Carroll.

My latest week of training finished with a long run which had both good points and bad.

Monday : Pat said ‘ rest’. I was still sore from the Half Marathon race the day before so I ran an easy 3 km.

Tuesday: Pat said ” 50 minutes”. I ran for 25 minutes and then did a U turn. Finished in 48.20 which was maybe too fast. Right calf still sore from Sunday’s race.

This black and white photo is of Tamami and I after the Long Run. I was certainly very well at that time. But it was not to last.image


Wednesday: Pat said ” one hour “. Tamami drove me away from home and I ran home. I had hoped it would take me 60 minutes but did it in 50. Ankle still very sore. Had to stop three times for road crossing so not really much of a run but better than nothing.

Thursday: Pat said ” 50 minutes”. Warm day (22 degrees). Leg still sore. Ran an ok 6 km with a strong finish after a very slow( limping) start.

Friday/Saturday: I knew if I was going to have any chance of running on Sunday I could not do much these days. ran 3 Kms on both days.Ankle still hurt and I had a slight cold. Also not sleeping well as of late. ( I have lots of excuses )

Sunday : LONG RUN : met up with two young friends and Together with Tamami ran along path near the sea.

We started at a moderate pace and ran the first 14 Kms together. When the others stopped for a drink ( I never stop or drink) I increased the pace and ran away from them.

I was going quite well and was well ahead. despite my foot starting to hurt a great deal I planned to try and push the run hard for the next 11 km. Then just in front of me  just after 19 Kms a young guy crashed his bike in dramatic fashion. It actually flipped and landed on top of him. Being such a nice guy I stopped and helped him. The others then caught up.

Tamami who is just starting her  Marathon Training finished at 23 km and I ran on to complete about 30 km. A bit weary at the finish but generally ok. No trouble walking to the car and changing and of course taking a selfie for Face Book. 🙂

Back to the car and then to a nice restaurant for some coffee and lunch with running friends and a couple of other runners.

Unfortunately just as my meal arrived I started to feel bad….then really bad. I tried walking down the street but could not do it and sort of collapsed on the street….although I did not faint. Three people came up and offered to call a doctor ( or ambulance!). Bit of Karma….I help some bike rider and then strangers offer help to me !

Felt incredibly bad and thought I would pass out. All I could do was sit with  my back against a fence whilst people walked by thinking ” what is up with this guy sitting on the ground in a cool track suit?” 🙂

Tamami drove me home and I spent the rest of the day on the bed watching the football…..well actually this is often my Sunday activity. 🙂

I am thinking that my no water policy whilst training can be changed perhaps. Also I think I should eat something just after I finish a long run.


Last run before marathon


Canberra marathon on Sunday. Took my marathon gear out for an hour today. Felt a bit weary and did not like the heat….well it was only 22 but felt hotter. Temperature for next week is predicted to be 10-22. But it will be cool at the start at least.

Today just short of an hour. Ran  OK  after feeling a bit sick at the start. Did not measure it. Probably about 11 Km. Felt hard enough. Hopefully I will feel better on the day.

Tried some planks today. Two 2 min planks. Also did 200 stomach crunches and 100 push ups. After the marathon I would like to get my Push upImages to number 200 a day.

Weight today was 63.6 Kgm which for me is OK. That’s a bit over  139 pounds.


Tired leads= hill sprints


Legs feeling a bit heavy today so some hill sprints called for. 35 Km on Sunday and hard gym session on Monday plus fast run on Tuesday and solid enough run last night all combined with the warm conditions to make me feel heavy and slow.

Ran a slow plodding 3km with Tamami to the HILL. 

After the first two run ups my legs started to feel a bit strange. After 6 hills my legs started to wobble a bit.

Tamami ran down the hill after each sprint. I normally just stagger down like a drunken koala but because Tamami was running down I was pretty much forced to follow.

Finished with 8 hill sprints.

Felt a little dizzy as I jogged…oh so slowly….home…

Image225 stomach crunches and 60 push ups today.

Weight 64.0….this is my goal weight.

Beach run at Sunny Queensland in the rain.


Didn’t feel super great today…maybe a bit tired. Temp was about 24 which is warm enough but then it started to rain.Image

Lucky I had a cup of coffee to keep me going the rain. I ran along the road up to Sea World which is about 5 Km from my apartment. Even though I didn’t feel fantastic I ran another 4 and then ran across some scrub land to the beach.

Ran along the sand for around 9 Km for a total of around 18 Km. I thought I ran ok. Did not plod but actually ran…not really sure of the pace.

A reasonably good day running wise.

When life gets in the way of running.


Sometimes Family things get in the way of running…the same with work things….sometimes social things get in the way. If this is the case you can always pick a different sport.ImageToday I went to Chiba Prefecture where we have  a house which we are renovating.This meant leaving early in the morning and coming back to Tokyo in the early evening. It also meant that it was dark when I pulled on the old running shoes.

Now running in the dark is not hard per se. But in Tokyo in the early evening you have thousand ( make that tens of thousands) of salary men coming home from work….you have people who walk their dogs on long invisible leads.And of course in this country bike riders ride on the pavement.

I ran the canals again tonight. They  at least have reasonable lighting for a lot of the way. I was feeling ok when some some young guy passed me. I had to run very very hard to get past him. Made me feel a bit sick. Certainly brings it home to me with a vengeance how slow and unfit I am. It’s been a long time since I have run this fast. Running races on the track is still a distant dream.