Second week of training for the Boston Marathon is almost complete. The weather and my continual sore foot has contributed to a fairly lackluster week so far. Not that is really much of an excuse.  I really have not got into it yet….just over 13 weeks to go…..I need to get out and do some running not sit around making endless excuses. 😦

Last few days as follows :

TUESDAY : Morning…6 km on the elliptical machine at the gym.i try and do the distance on the machine as quickly as I can.Not sure what benefit it has but better than sitting home alone.

Afternoon: 9 km run. First 4 km with Tamami and then ran a bit harder and pushed myself up some hills. Felt really bad with 3 km to go. My heart rate went to 191 which for me is high. Temperature 27 degrees. Weight 67.7 Kgm 😦


WEDNESDAY : Morning….gym…pushed weights…included some leg pushes. 65 minutes. This was a hard session as I knew run that afternoon would not be much with the temp being so hot.

Afternoon : Ran hard for 15 minutes in 44 degree heat. Tough conditions but really short run so no big deal. More concerned about pain in foot than a bit of sun.

Weight 68.0 Kgm….gets worse 😦


THURSDAY : Afternoon….Ran 6 km with Tamami at good pace.Foot hurt a lot but it was an ok run.


Evening: Raced with Masters on the track. Finished first so better than last week. Still very very slow. 😦 I wore my heavy training shoes rather than my usual racing flats as it hurt too much when my light heel hit the track. 😦


FRIDAY : Morning: GYM: 65 minutes pushing weights…tried to increase the weigh lifted  by a small amount. ELLIPTICAL: 3 km as hard as I could. BIKE: 10 km as hard as I could.( Exercise bike that is)


So on it goes…..I need to get out and run.







BOSTON marathon Training Begins


My plan has always been to start training for the Boston Marathon on January 4 th. That day is now today. So it’s time to stop talking and actually get off the sofa and do something .

I have my new insoles…so I am ready. 🙂


Even though I am still far from being 100% I have done some pre training….The last three days have unfolded as follows:

Friday : Gym: 60 minutes pushing weights. Elliptical : 3 km fairly hard…took about 17 minutes. RUN : 6 Km using new ‘ orthotics ‘.Weight 66.8 Kilos. Blood Pressure 144/83. Heart Rate 45.

My Heart Rate in going down….so that is something.


Saturday : RUN 6 km. A few hills.28 degrees. Weight 67.3 😦 BP 118/83 HR 46 Terribly unfit.

Still hurts when I run but not so much when I am sitting around doing nothing.


Sunday : Gym: 62 minutes pushing weights and ab exercises. RUN:  6 km :New shoes plus Orthos. Pain but nothing I can not handle.


Monday Morning ( today) : Gym : 60 minutes of weights and ab exercises and stretches. Very boring. I drive to the gym ( too lazy to run there) and push the weights and do the exercises. I speak to no one and then drive home to an empty house.

There must be something else to life. 😦


BOSTON : Getting ready


January 1st 2016. My aim is to start training for the Boston Marathon on January 4 th.

For some time now I have suffered from a very sore ankle/heel/tendon which has stopped me form doing much exercise.However I am getting to the stage where I will pretty much have to ignore the pain and just run.

LAST  SEVEN DAYS: Here is what I have been doing ‘ exercise’ wise. I have started using the elliptical machine at the gym. It is extremely boring but gets me moving a little bit. Decades ago I could easily do an hour but now I lack the Will power.

SATURDAY: Day after Christmas. Weight 67.4 Kgm which for me is not too bad. GYM: 50 Minutes upper body weights….ELLIPTICAL 20 minutes ( boring). RUN : 5.5km

SUNDAY:Weight 66.8 :GYM : 41 minutes of weights. ELLIPTICAL 30 minutes RUN: 8 km.

MONDAY : Weight 67.2 Kgm. GYM :35 minutes upper body weights…ELLIPTICAL 40 minutes. RUN 4.5 km ( ran hard )


TUESDAY : Weight  67.4 Kgm. GYM 54 minutes upper body weights. Elliptical 30 minutes. RUN :3km ( New Shoes…to be used at Boston!)

WEDNESDAY : Gym 71 minutes of Upper Body…for me this is a long session ! RUN 3 km in racing shoes…35 degrees….pushed it as hard as I could and ignored the heat.


THURSDAY: Early morning race with Julz at The Tan. 4 km 21.40. Good effort in her part but felt like a walk. Still it was great to get out. Weight at End of Year: 66.9 Kgm.

FRIDAY: Gym 60 minutes. Elliptical 3 km…could not face more….took me about 17 minutes. Day not over yet….


I have been thinking of getting Orthodics. But I read that it may be a good idea to buy some store ones before getting some made especially for one’s self.Any way I purchased something that the good and wise Dr Scholl has invented and will give them a trial spin this afternoon. Fingers crossed.

I think my ankle/leg/ whatever is getting a little better. That may just be in my mind but I suppose that is what matters. We shall see on Monday when I take my first run.




The pain in my heel which I have had since July is starting to get to me and I am beginning to think I may be injured. Maybe the plan to run it out or just suck it up and run anyway is not the way to go.


My plan is to start training on January 4 th giving myself  15 weeks of running before the Boston Marathon. However I don’t want to start with an injury. Accordingly I plan to take the next week off and really work hard to get well.

To add to my woes I seem to have strained/pulled a muscle in my right upper inside thigh (!). I am thinking that running in the cold on Thursday evening or exercises in the gym or new shoes with orthotics may have caused this.

Tamami thinks I complain to much as I limp along the street in pain. Maybe she is right. I will try to work towards recovery within myself from now on. What’s that old saying ” If it is to be,it’s up to me ” ? I will keep my efforts to get well to myself.



EXERCISE as of late…I have been little or nothing…apart from the gym of course.


THURSDAY : Gym : Weights. Treadmill 30 minutes (wore tights for the first time in my life!): Crunches 250. BP 125/76 OK . HR 48 ( awful).

FRIDAY AM: Gym…weights. 250 Crunches.BP 129/94. HR 50 ( shocking)

FRIDAY PM : Gym…weights. 250 Crunches. BP125/85. HR 53 ( so BAD)….short jog.

SATURDAY : Ran my usual canal path 5 km ( probably short). Wore tights for the first time in my life outside ! Felt really bad. Thigh pain terrible. 23minutes 50. ( Actually for this course not that shabby ). Time was ok but I did think of stopping on one occasion….but Tamami was out all day so the idea of walking back alone to an empty apartment was a strong incentive to keep going. Misery loves company 😉

This photo is before I set out….


WEIGHT : 68.0 Kgm  ( not good but what can I expect?!!) 😦

SUNDAY: AM: Exercise Bike…30 minutes. Crunches 250 BP153/83 Not so good. HR 41 …well that at least is more like it.

My heel hurt a great deal. I massaged for a long while with anti inflam cream but with only minimal results.



SUNDAY AFTERNOON…..plan to go back to the gym. I will not run today….except for a short jog.

MARATHON training: In the cold.


I have always believed that I should wear just running shorts and a singlet or Tee Shirt when I go running. In fact I think it is not really a true race if  I wear a Tee shirt. Racing is to be done in a singlet. The weather should be completely ignored ( although in saying this it is true that I have never run in temperature less than minus 2 )….HOWEVER…..however I am changing my view on this….

WEDNESDAY : My Tokyo Running club holds track training every Wednesday evening at at 7.30 at Oda Field in Tokyo. Currently the track is being renovated and is closed until April ( it takes so long?!). Accordingly we all go and run in the park. (In the cold and dark I add)

Tamami and I arrived far too early and were the only ones at the starting point at 6.35. I wore my usual shorts and Tee shirt. Tamami wore shorts but had a long sleeved Tee on and gloves.

When we all got together ( 40-50 of us) I noticed Tamami and I  were the ONLY ones wearing shorts and  that almost everyone else had coats and  gloves and hats. It was 9 degrees so not really cold as in Cold with a capital letter. Wimps I thought.

Program was 2000×1, 1000×3 and 500×2. Usual sort of thing. Run on paths in the park….dark but lights now and then.

I had set my Garmin for ‘ laps ‘ of 250m so I pretty much knew how far I had run and had to run. Running in the dark on paths makes it a little hard to know exactly how far I had run and had left to run. With my Garmin telling me I had 250 to go  I ran down a slim young women who was moving nicely ( as opposed to me who plods along). She looked about 23 so that made her 40 years younger than me…aaah…

Not super fast ( I am never super fast ) but I did make an effort to kick the pace down near the end….my HR kind of shows this.


Actually this is Sunday’s HR but idea is the same….

Next was 1000 and I was feeling good despite the pain in my heel which is always there these days. HOWEVER as soon as I started I felt a sharp pain in my upper thigh. Normally I would run through this but I  thought that after all this hassle with my injured foot I did not want another serious injury, so I stopped.

I then walked  about 4 km with a good friend….she was dressed like she was climbing Everest….and was it ever cold. My whole body was shaking by the end.

SO….so I have purchased some tights….I thought I would never do so…..but there in the Shinagawa Railway Station they were on sale so I took the plunge and crossed to the dark side !! 😦 I own a pair of tights !!!! My name is Jon and I own tights !

THURSDAY : Gym in the morning….really worked hard especially on my stomach….there are so many nice things here in Tokyo to eat. Blood Pressure  125/76. Heart Rate 48. Not so hot but ok I suppose.


AFTERNOON: Did 30 minutes on the tread mill wearing my new tights….I must say my legs did feel warmer… maybe this is the way to go. I will take them out on the road soon….really I will.


So as we approach the week end I am not really sure where I am running wise. Hopefully  when I am in Australia next week I can get my act into gear and start pushing myself a bit.





Next week I go back to Australia after two months in Japan ( and an 11 day side trip to Chicago.)

When I was in Australia I thought all my pain would leave me once I got to Tokyo. Now I am thinking ( hoping) that all my pain will disappear once I get to Melbourne. We shall see.

I am not doing much running but the last few days I have at least got out the door. My training such as it is…..

SUNDAY: Tamami ran a half Marathon and I went with her as a pacer. A walk to the station,two train rides and a very long walk to the start pretty much finished me. Pain in my foot was perhaps a little less although maybe I was just kidding myself. My average pace per km was 5.06 which is pretty sad ( although I did slow on a couple of occasions and even stopped once so Tamami could catch up). Still I am not too disappointed….I just can’t push off with my left leg….once I am over this……


WEIGHT: 66.7 kilos which is ok as this was after  a lunch of coffee and a bun !!!

MONDAY :Short jog: Gym…weights and crunches.

Blood pressure 122/75 :Heart Rate 47

TUESDAY : Wrapped a km of tape around my ankle and ran the streets of Tokyo for just under an hour with Tamami. This was an OK run although I did  once stop at traffic lights to massage my foot. After starting again I felt a little better and ran the last three Kms fairly well ( for me).


Still carrying some extra weight but once back in Australia I can work this off ( I hope)

WEDNESDAY : Morning: Gym….weights and stretches and lots of stomach crunches.

Blood Pressure 115/86. Heart Rate 41. These are reasonable figures for me.

I tried to work really hard in the gym this morning to make up for the fact that I am not doing much running these days.


My foot still hurts but not all the time. I am still hopeful of being able to start training on January 4 th. I think I am getting better.

TONIGHT  : I will join my Namban Rengo ( Japanese running club) team mates for some sprint training. Running in the dark around a park ( the track is under construction until April !!) is not really my cup of sake.  Still I will give it a shot.




My plan for the Boston Marathon in Mid April is to start training on January 4 th. However I want to do some exercise before I start running again.

Unfortunately I have been unable to shake off a persistent pain in my left foot. This plus the fact that I really lack a lot of motivation at this stage makes life pretty empty training wise. 😦

Since my last blog post I have done almost nothing. The last three days as follows….

Thursday :

Ran for 45 minutes with Tamami San. Pain was always there but it could have been worse.

Friday :

tread mill…30 minutes. Blood pressure 117/71 which for me is excellent. HR 52. Pretty ordinary. I am not that good on tread mill but I can see it could be a good training aid.

Saturday :Joined my Namban Rengo Tokyo Running club team mates and ran some hill sprints. 8 hills with jog down.Each hill about 300m. Took it fairly easily but could feel my complete lack of bounce in my  every step.


 Saturday afternoon….just too lazy to go out on the roads by myself so again into the gym for weights.Also

did 250 stomach crunches. BP 124/67. HR 51.

RACE: I am entered in a Half Marathon race for tomorrow. BUT I will not compete as every step hurts. Tamami San is racing  the Half Marathon tomorrow so I may run the last 7 km with her. Pretty sad it has come to this.


Above…..Tamami San and good friend Mutsumi San.

Although I am far from 100 per cent now I am still confident that I can start running again on my planned date of January 4 th 2016