So that takes  care of week two on my 12 week plan to get back into running. Pretty easy week I admit but I am in no great hurry.

SUNDAY: After running long the day before and falling over hurting my knee and side I was not up for much. A fairly  quick 5 km. Weight 68.3 Kgm on the first day of the year.😢  Only slight pain in knee but side hurt the whole time.

img_0196MONDAY : Didn’t feel that good so only ran a slow 5 km in the dark by myself. Picked up near the end. 😪 Side still painful.

TUESDAY: Good group run with a group of friends. Covered 21-22 km which was ok although had many stops for photographs etc. Enjoyable time. 😁

img_0209WEDNESDAY : Met fellow Namban runners in the park. Did not train with them as I want to take it easy at this stage and just slowly ease myself back into running.Ran about 40 minutes along  the paths in the dark. Was it ever cold !! Good outing.😀 Tamami said my face had gone a bright red !!😱

img_0210THURSDAY : Using newly purchased racing flats ran a quick 20 minutes with a number of surges. Wind made the whole exercise very interesting. Felt a little sick but no big deal. Chest still hurts but only when I run.

FRIDAY : Didn’t get out till late so just ran the same as yesterday increasing the pace bit by bit near the end. Wore my other NEW pair of racing shoes. Weight 68.2 Kgm. Still eating too much. GYM: Hard gym session….I need more strength.

SATURDAY : Met Nambanners and ran some hill sprints. 8 hills. Still not very fast but getting there if somewhat slowly. This is not that demanding and  is lots of fun to do. A little dizzy but kept moving so all OK.Went to Starbucks afterwards with team mates….not a place I would ever think of going but it is fun to do something outrageous now and then 😱😱

img_0208TOMORROW I will meet fellow Nambanners for a ‘ long’ run. Pace will on for from the start so I will not be able to stay with them….still lunch afterwards will be good. We are going to a place that serves Pizza so it looks like another wild eating adventure.





COMPLETED ✅First week of training done and dusted.

After being ill in October and doing very little running apart from a couple of races and my usual daily run,I have started training again…even if what I have done has been fairly easy.Hopefully I can push myself a lot harder as time goes by.

SUNDAY : First day back had to be taken easily. Ran 12 km with Tamami really pushing myself hard over the last bridge. Felt pretty ordinary afterwards.A  little dizzy as well.

Monday : Out with a friend all way.Walked and walked and walked. Home 🏡 late. Short jog. Easy day.Legs tired. Enjoyable day. 😁

Tuesday : Ran an easy 23 minutes and then did 8 hill sprints. Really tried hard.Legs wobbled near the end.Felt sick in my stomach which is always a good sign.Did not faint.

Wednesday: Good gym session. Stretching and weights. Left hamstring felt very sore….maybe as a result of hill sprints? Only a short jog as leg hurt 😭.


Thursday : Le Tour de Yamanote. Namban Team runs every station on the Yamanote 🚃Line in Tokyo. 29 stations.About 44 km…or more 😱. Only ran 19 stations.Very slow but a good day out.My distance was maybe 19 or 20 kms. Weight 66.7 Kgm. 👌 


Friday. Slightly longer in the gym….weights and exercises. A little scared of hurting my hamstring so light on leg exercises.Did some squats which I normally never do. Only short jog in the afternoon. FIRST week is an easy one.

SATURDAY: Stupid stupid stupid 😨 Ran long with Tamami san but being a complete idiot I tripped over a concealed vine  in the secret forest 🌳 and crashed onto the pavement after only 7 or 8 kms.😡😩. Really only bruises and cuts ( and some blood lost)but still a shock. I have now fallen 3 times 😵.I suppose over 50 years is not too bad an average but still pretty miserable. Tamami helped me up and managed another 13 kms to actually make it quite a decent run. No need really to call a doctor 👨‍⚕️ or go to hospital…although others may have thought otherwise.



SO…first week completed…ok I suppose…not trying to do too much too early. Just trying to ease back into with lots of rest. Next week will be better and certainly I will not fall over again.








Marathon : Getting close now.


From today it is only Three weeks until the Melbourne Marathon. I am certainly far from ready but still trying to follow Champion Marathon Runner Pat Carroll ‘s training schedule. This week has been as follows :

MONDAY : Pat says it is a rest today. I was still sore from the 30 km run yesterday so was happy to run just 3 km.

TUESDAY : Training plan said 50 minutes. I switched to my lighter shoes and pushed myself and ran 44.16. Even though I felt a bit ill it was a reasonable run.

WEDNESDAY : Plan said 1 hour 30 minutes. I ran the same as I ran yesterday and then kept on going and ran it again. Total running 1-29.20. Found this hard,especially the hills which I tried to run fast. What I call fast. 🙂 Did not feel very well but that means little. Happy to run hard whilst feeling sick.



THURSDAY : Plan said another 5o minutes but was sore from my effort yesterday and was rostered as an official for the Masters. Just a short jog.Leg still very sore.

FRIDAY : 20 minutes fartlek. Ran a bit less than this. Feeling a bit better but hard to hit the roads on a Friday evening.

SATURDAY : Plan was for 50 minutes. Ran with Julz which was fun.  Did not time it but probably just sky of 50. An ok run although I think  was still a bit some from Wednesday’s run.



SUNDAY : Plan called for a 2 hour 40 minute run. I ran with Tamami and Matt and Konico Bowden. I picked the route and chose a hard hilly course. Run was ok and we ran somewhere between 31 and 32 km. Took about 2-55. I was not concerned with the pace but just happy to keep going. After finishing I again had a banana. This plus taking two gels and drinking water probably helped me quite a bit. At no stage did I feel faint. However felt a bit sore….but maybe running for three hours does that to one. 🙂

Week was ok I guess….I still have a long way to go to run the Marathon in three weeks time.



MARATHON: Struggle.


With six weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon I am still trying to follow the schedule set out for me by Marathon runner Pat Carroll.

My latest week of training finished with a long run which had both good points and bad.

Monday : Pat said ‘ rest’. I was still sore from the Half Marathon race the day before so I ran an easy 3 km.

Tuesday: Pat said ” 50 minutes”. I ran for 25 minutes and then did a U turn. Finished in 48.20 which was maybe too fast. Right calf still sore from Sunday’s race.

This black and white photo is of Tamami and I after the Long Run. I was certainly very well at that time. But it was not to last.image


Wednesday: Pat said ” one hour “. Tamami drove me away from home and I ran home. I had hoped it would take me 60 minutes but did it in 50. Ankle still very sore. Had to stop three times for road crossing so not really much of a run but better than nothing.

Thursday: Pat said ” 50 minutes”. Warm day (22 degrees). Leg still sore. Ran an ok 6 km with a strong finish after a very slow( limping) start.

Friday/Saturday: I knew if I was going to have any chance of running on Sunday I could not do much these days. ran 3 Kms on both days.Ankle still hurt and I had a slight cold. Also not sleeping well as of late. ( I have lots of excuses )

Sunday : LONG RUN : met up with two young friends and Together with Tamami ran along path near the sea.

We started at a moderate pace and ran the first 14 Kms together. When the others stopped for a drink ( I never stop or drink) I increased the pace and ran away from them.

I was going quite well and was well ahead. despite my foot starting to hurt a great deal I planned to try and push the run hard for the next 11 km. Then just in front of me  just after 19 Kms a young guy crashed his bike in dramatic fashion. It actually flipped and landed on top of him. Being such a nice guy I stopped and helped him. The others then caught up.

Tamami who is just starting her  Marathon Training finished at 23 km and I ran on to complete about 30 km. A bit weary at the finish but generally ok. No trouble walking to the car and changing and of course taking a selfie for Face Book. 🙂

Back to the car and then to a nice restaurant for some coffee and lunch with running friends and a couple of other runners.

Unfortunately just as my meal arrived I started to feel bad….then really bad. I tried walking down the street but could not do it and sort of collapsed on the street….although I did not faint. Three people came up and offered to call a doctor ( or ambulance!). Bit of Karma….I help some bike rider and then strangers offer help to me !

Felt incredibly bad and thought I would pass out. All I could do was sit with  my back against a fence whilst people walked by thinking ” what is up with this guy sitting on the ground in a cool track suit?” 🙂

Tamami drove me home and I spent the rest of the day on the bed watching the football…..well actually this is often my Sunday activity. 🙂

I am thinking that my no water policy whilst training can be changed perhaps. Also I think I should eat something just after I finish a long run.

MARATHONS in 8 weeks


The Melbourne Marathon is in 8 weeks time. I am still following the training schedule prepared by Champion Marathon runner Pat Carroll. I suffer from a painful heel which makes running fairly hard.

This last week I have spent a few days away from the Melbourne winter up at my apartment in Queensland. Surfers Paradise.


This is what my training consisted of during the last week. As before I have inserted what Pat suggested I do and what I actually did.

MONDAY: Pat said Rest Day. As I had done little the previous day I decided on a run along the beach. Ran into a strong head wind for 25 minutes and then U turned for a total of 50 minutes. I thought this would be fun but really it was very hard.

TUESDAY : Pat said 50 minutes. I ran for 56 minutes ( roads not sand this time ) with a strong finish. Leg bothered me a bit but I am used to that.


WEDNESDAY : Pat said 1 hour 30 but my leg was so sore only managed 50 minutes. Very Heavy rain the entire time ( This is meant to be the sunshine state). Found this a hard run.

THURSDAY : Pat said 50 minutes. Ran some trails but felt sick from the outset. U turned at 20 and hammered the return journey over hills as hard as I could. Total 40 minutes approx. Felt terrible at the end.


FRIDAY: Pat said 10 by one minute efforts but did not feel I could do this as my foot seemed to be getting worse. Ran 10 minutes along soft sand and then 15 minutes on the road. Not a happy run.

SATURDAY : Back in Melbourne I ran my usual 7 km in the dark and cold. Really felt the cold and really found the whole exercise hard. My will power is almost non existent.

SUNDAY : Pat said run for two hours but I thought I am going so badly I have to run more. Went to Albert Park Lake and ran around it 6 times…about 29/30 km. I did not stop or take any water. TIME was 2-45 which is pretty slow. However my last 5 km was the fastest lap. Tamami ran 2 nd,4 th and 6 th lap with me. I would not have been able to do without her. Felt so bad on finishing that I could not drive home.


SO THAT was the week that was. I have to work harder at my running. A little disappointed at how it is going. Hopefully next week I can do a lot better.

9 Weeks till Marathon !


Not long until the Melbourne Marathon. I am ( trying) to follow a Marathon Training Schedule set out for me by Marathon runner Pat Carroll. I still suffer from a sore ankle/heel which takes a lot of the joy out of running.

I will ignore all pain.


My weeks training is as follows. I have noted first what Pat says I should do and what I have actually done.

Monday: Pat says today is a rest day. Despite the pain in my foot I did not feel too bad so ran 10 km with Mi Chan. I did not time it. Probably ran the last few Kms too fast.

TUESDAY: Pat says 15 hill sprints. I warmed up with about 2 km of jogging and then ran 15 hill sprints. Felt a bit ill after the first 10. Heart rate went through the roof,but that is expected.

WEDNESDAY : Pat says 1 hour 30. I ran 1-45 with some hard hills.Did not measure the distance. Stopped for some road crossing which did not help. Felt fairly bad afterwards but no big deal.Took a fair while to recover.I was reasonably happy.Did not take any gels or water .


THURSDAY : Pat says 50 minutes but legs very  sore so  I ran about 3 km then tried some down hill running of which I am very bad at. Ankle hurt the whole time. I really am exceptionally bad running down any sort of hill. Even if my foot did not hurt I would still be bad downhill! 😦

FRIDAY: Pat said 30 minutes. Ran 30 minutes. Probably ran a bit too fast. Took a while to recover. Felt sick but I think that was just from lack of food. Must not run so late in the day.

SATURDAY : RACE DAY: Ran an easy 3 km in the morning. Ran a very hilly club run of about 8 km in the afternoon.Took it very easy at the start and pushed a little at the end. Far from easy but an OK run. I could have run a lot faster but as Pat says ‘ Marathon is the aim’

SUNDAY : Pat says ‘ long run ‘ but I was out at club function the night before and of course the Olympics were on….then I went to the Football ( we lost!!!) and then  immediately raced to the airport to catch a flight to Surfers Paradise where I own an apartment. Lots of excuses. Got a short run in of course but nothing to blog about.

OVERALL…a fair week if not great. Staying up late every night watching the Olympics probably did not help me. I saw my Doctor who gave me a referral to a Heart Specialist. Still in two minds deciding if I should make an appointment.I do not want to hear negative advice. I have orthotics and although I do not do much running wearing them I use everyday and I think…maybe…they are helping me a little with my constant heel pain.

WEIGHT ETC: My weight is 66.3 Kgms….not really great but I can certainly reduce over the next two months. My Resting Heart Rate is 46. Blood Pressure is 136/92. Again not perfect but not on death’s door ( I hope).

NEXT  WEEK: I will spend some time in sunny Queensland and hopefully run along the beach. 🙂




Marathon: Ten weeks to go.


I am following Pat Carroll’s coaching plan leading up to the Melbourne Marathon on October 16 th. I still have a very sore ankle which makes things hard but not impossible. My latest week’s training was a struggle but finished reasonably well.

MONDAY : Plan: Rest day. I ran to the gym wearing my new orthotics.3.5km. Gym session for 60 minutes working on upper body and also doing some leg presses.Ran home from gym. Total 7 km. Easy running.


TUESDAY: Plan 6 x 500 timed. Ran 3 km warm up. Ran 6×500 along bike path. 2-05,1.59,1.57,1.59,2.00,1.54. Jogged home. Felt good to get out of my usual slow plod.

WEDNESDAY : Plan 80 minutes. Ran 8 km  in heavy rain in the morning wearing orthotics. Felt a bit sick..Disappointingly slow. 43.09 😦 In the afternoon changed to my racing flats and ran 6 km in 27.24. Not super fast but ok for me.


THURSDAY : Plan 50 minutes. Ran 50.02 wearing orthotics. Found this hard.Leg hurt a lot. Weight 66.2 kilos. Hopefully I can lose a couple of Kgms before the race.

FRIDAY : Plan 4 x 1000. Most of day concerned with selling office building. Ran 6 km.Could not get to track to do reps.


SATURDAY : Plan 50 minutes. I drove to the gym and pushed weights for 75 minutes. Felt a bit ill. Only short jog as long run planed for Sunday. Foot was again hurting quite a bit but am getting used to this.

SUNDAY : Plan 2 hours 40 minute run. Ran with two friends one of whom doing his first Marathon. Ran at his pace 5.40. This felt ok although dodging people,bikes and dogs did not help running. With two km to go I left him and ran the last two Kms alone in 5.10 and 5.04. Total running time 2 hours 27 minutes.

So although I did not follow  Pat’s plan to the letter I was fairly happy. Run on Sunday ( just over 26 km ) was encouraging.