Another week of running in Japan. I am trying to take it easy and to commence training again on December 25 th.

This current post is written via my delux super modern cherry red coloured new iPad. 😎

MONDAY : A good start to the week. I ran what for me was a solid 12 km. I tried to run a little faster with my last 4 kms run at 5.22, 5.22, 5.10, 4.53. Sure this is not fast per se ,but I was running over a bridge and had to run onto the road to avoid a truck. SO in my current state this was not too bad. Weight 67.6 Kgm….Blood Pressure 122/72. Wore my old heavy shoes with orthotics. Happy  with this as I actually pushed myself out of my comfort zone.


TUESDAY : Ran a steady 5 km with Tamami San and then ran 6 hill sprints. Weight 67.4  Kgm. EAch hill about 48 seconds.Found this reasonably hard.

WEDNESDAY : Good  solid morning session in the gym in the morning. In the evening joined with Namban Team mates to run reps  in the park. We ran 2000,3×1000,2×500. In the dark I missed the finish for the last 500m and carried on for another 300m. 😦  Certainly I am woefully slow. Long way to go.😥 More of this is certainly necessary.


THURSDAY : Nothing in the morning but solid gym session in the afternoon followed by 5 km with Tamami. Probably not such a good idea to combine gym and running so close together. Felt pretty poor at the start. Finished OK even if I did feel a little sick.

FRIDAY : Good Japanese friend from Melbourne in Tokyo for a funeral this week end. Ran over the Rainbow Bridge with her and Tamami. She is only a 3.30 marathon runner but just left me way behind running up the incline on the bridge. Actually I felt really bad at a photo stop and almost fainted. Ran about 12 km over all. It was probably more a race than a social run.😮 Felt sick.But it was great to run with her and hopefully made her feel a little better.


SATURDAY: Joined Namban team mates for hill training.They are called The Hill Tribe.After about a 2 km (?) warm up we ran 8 hills over a bit over one minute each. Found this hard and was very much at the back of the pack.In fact I was second last for most runs although I picked up a couple of places in the last couple of runs. I will do better next week. I lack both speed and strength.

BONEKAI: This is a Japanese end of year party. Namban Rengo hold one every year.A very interesting and enjoyable evening. Great to see fellow team mates in something other than running gear.


NEXT WEEK: Another rest and recovery week. Not much planned other than something called RunLIsh….combines Running and English ( true!)…on Wednesday…and a Race on Friday ( public holiday)…and of course The Hill Tribe on Saturday. Perhaps the hills Tamami and I run on Tuesday’s are too short…will try and make these longer and harder.



MARATHON recovery : Week 3: Slow recovery.


I am now in Tokyo and enjoying some fantastic weather. However I am still struggling with various physical complaints which makes running hard.


My left heel causes me a great deal pain and my right quad is so sore at times that I can barely walk. However strangely when I do run my quad gives me no trouble. 🙂

I am ( surprisingly ) trying to play it smart and just ease back into running very very slowly.

Running the Melbourne Marathon seems to have hurt me a bit.
I am taking a very long time to get well. 😦

MY recovery Week so far:

Sunday. : Run 66 minutes with Mi Chan. Strong finish.

Monday : Short jog and Gym session with weights.

Tuesday : Run 71 minutes with Mi chan. Stopped after an hour to massage foot. 😦 Weight 66.1 Kgm.

Wednesday : Short jog and Gym session with weights. Blood Pressure 117 over 75. Lowest in living memory. 🙂 Resting HR 44.( This was also OK as I took in gym after a day walking the streets of Tokyo).
Also 500 stomach crunches and 120 push ups. Nice easy day which my body appreciated.

Thursday : Ran with My Tokyo running club at night around the Palace together with a Spanish Ultra runner who is in Japan to promote harmony between Spain and Japan by running around earthquake damaged cities.
Seemed a very nice guy. Spanish Embassy officials came out to see him run with the Namban Horde.


Each lap of the Palace is 5 km.
I did not time it but for the first lap I ran with the leaders who all seemed younger and taller and thinner than me! I really felt the pace but was happy to do it.
Second lap I eased back and ran with the Spanish guy and Mi chan at a much more moderate pace. ( My excuse )

I was happy enough with the run. certainly a lot faster than my recent rather pathetic plods around the Secret Forests of Shinagawa.
Heel hurt all the way but my HR showed I was putting in some sort of an effort,so not slacking off.


WEEK END…to come

Going to Japanese Alps with Mi Chan’s relatives.
Last year I almost died trying to run up a mountain in the dark hoping to make the snow line.
Tomorrow I will give it another shot and hopefully do a bit better….well not get lost in the dark at least. Also maybe wear a hat as my head really hurt in the cold last time.


So it seems I am in a bad way. Not super concerned as I have a long time until Boston.
I am still alive I suppose so that is a plus in the scheme of things. 🙂

BOSTON MARATHON: April 18 th 2016
Plan is to start training on January 4 th. That will give me about 15 weeks to get ready. But first I have to get well.

Marathon: Recovery


Three days after my second Marathon in a month I am now taking is easy. Recovering slowly. In other words doing nothing.

This morning 85 push ups and 450 stomach crunches. I suppose I could push the crunches up to 1000 a day but I am not sure I would gain that much.

In the evening I went to Oda Field an Athletic track in Tokyo to meet with some of my Namban Rengo team mates.


I ran 6 laps of the track. A part from a few pains behind the knee ( and sore toes of course) I felt quite good.


I probably could have joined the track session but hard as it is to believe I am trying to play it smart and recover very slowly. I did a fair amount of walking today and I think that also aided my recovery.


My NEXT marathon is On February 22 nd 2015 in Tokyo. So I have a lot of time to rest even before I begin my next campaign.



Tamami seems to have been a good recover and only has a small amount of pain in her legs.


Tomorrow I will not do any running at all apart from an easy 5 Km around the canals near my Tokyo apartment.

Marathon Seoul : Week to go Run


Next Sunday I will run the Seoul Marathon. Today in Tokyo I went to the Palace for a final hit out.

I had a bit of a cold over night but figured I could run it out.
Further I was only planning
on running 15 Km so no big effort would be required.

Met with a number of my Namban Rengo ( Japanese Club) team mates and started running at a very moderate pace.


We ran extremely slowly at the start…. partly dues the large number of other runners going around. Plus there was some Charity Fun Run ( for Pancreatic Cancer) which a lot of people ran but also a lot of people walked.

After 10 Km most of the other runners had stopped and Tamami and I ran on with old friend Rie San and a new young girl. I did notice I was the only non Japanese and only guy still going around. We ran the last lap a bit faster but really not that much faster.

I wore my light weight racing shoes. My knee felt bad afterwards and I thought maybe it was the shoes. I will try another pair in anticipation of the Seoul Marathon.

The run was quite fun. At the pace we were running ( about 5.50 a lot of the time!!! ) it was easy to chat. A really enjoyable outing.

Social Running


YesterdayTamami and I organized a Social Run. By this I mean just an easy run with friends.

Plan was for us to jog the 3km to a near by railway station and meet some club mates from Namban Rengo. Then run to and over the famous Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. Ran along the boardwalk next to the sea at a place called Odiba and then to a park where there is a large  old style sailing ship you can climb on. Then a U turn and back over the bridge and back to the Railway Station.

Everything went very smoothly. Run was easy and we talked all the way. Actually our total time running was really not much more than 70 minutes so it was really not a training run but rather just a social outing with friends.

After finishing it was lunch at a local cafe.

A good time was had by all.Image


Training on the track


I belong to the Namban Rengo running club in Tokyo,Japan. Every Wednesday we meet at the Oda running track and do speed work.

Most nights we have between 50 to 60 runners. Our club consist of runners frall any nationalities. probably about 40 % are Japanese. I could be wrong on this figure.

We devide into two groups. Those who run at sub 4 minute per Km pace  which are called the A group. And the rest. The  B group. Each group has a leader whose main task is to yell ” lets go”.

Sad to say I am one of the B group.

We are led by a tall young Brit called Matthew Holmes ( maybe a distant rellie from the old country). Entry to the track is free on Wednesdays so there are runners of all standards every where. Part of Matthew’s job is to find a gap in the steady stream of runners for the B group to start. Tonight we had about 35 runners in our group.

Last night’s work out 1200,1200,1000,1000,800,800. There is about 2 minutes rest before each rep.  A group have less time to rest.

So far I can not really run on the track. I am slowly improving on the road and in the second half of my runs I seem to move OK….but that’s with a 40 minute warm up.

Tonight my Times were very slow.

1200  5.14

1000 4.11

800 3.16

I think what I need is for the synapses between my brain and legs to operate. My mind is there but my legs don’t seem to respond.Image

Here is a photo of me in my Namban singlet….taken in Melbourne. Note the sun….no sun last night in Japan! Not that I complain about the cold! 🙂

Good track session on crowded Tokyo track.


Nowadays any track session I can walk away fromImage uninjured is a good one.

Ran with Namban Rengo at Oda field tonight. Very very crowded. Runners everywhere. My club alone had over 50 runners.

I am still very slow and still suffering from a cold. Although my 1000m reps averaged 4.17  I was faster than last time. Further as I said there was runners everywhere. I was running into the back of people and had to dodge and swerve as I ran. So although I do still move like a sick glacier I think I am improving.

After each run I felt pretty bad. I had to jog a little after finishing. I am hoping that I will feel better as time goes by and I become used to this type of training.