MARATHON training :Onwards


Ten weeks until the Melbourne Marathon. Following program set for me by 2-9 Marathon runner Pat Carroll.

I am trying to run and follow the program but it is far from easy. My foot/heel never seems to get better although perhaps wearing new orthotics is helping somewhat.

My week of training was as follows…first is what Pat says I should do and following that is what I actually did.

MONDAY : Rest day. I ran a solid 26 km the day before so I was not feeling up to much. Ran an easy 6 km with Mi Chan. Whole body hurt. 😦

TUESDAY : Pat said do a 3 km Time trial. However I just did not have the will power so did an easy 3 km and then 15 hill sprints. Also went to the Gym and worked hard on both upper body and legs.


WEDNESDAY : Plan was to run 80 minutes. I ran for 80.03. Did not go well as I was ill after 40 minutes. First time I have stopped to be sick during a training run. Ran the last couple of Kms hard.Right foot very sore.

THURSDAY : Plan was to run for 50 minutes. I ran for 50 minutes. Not too bad. Ran the first Km with Mi Chan which was good and probably helped me. Also wore light shoes which  made me feel more like a real runner  rather than a sick slow fat plodder with a limp.



FRIDAY : Pat said 30 minutes. I only ran for 15 minutes as my leg hurt and I had a race the next day. A bit lazy I know. 😦

SATURDAY : Morning….ran a fairly quick 3 km with Mi chan. Leg hurt a lot but I kind of expect that. A bit lazy I know but with the race in the afternoon I did not want to run too far.

RACE : Went ok. Finished 9 th and won my age group. Not really my surface with stairs to climb up and down and about a km at the end on sand. I could have run faster but was not brave enough to push the pace early in the race.


SUNDAY: This is long run day but I felt sore from yesterday and just did not have the will power to run. Did a steady enough 7 km pushing up some hills. Felt a bit sick. Leg hurt a lot.

SO….an up and down week. Got a bit of running in and a race so I suppose that was OK. I certainly have a long way to go before I can run the Marathon.

I read Frank Shorter’s new book…he says ” Ride the Pain “. I will try Frank.


Marathon Training Week Three.


I have now completed the third week of the training schedule written for me by champion Marathon runner Pat Carroll.

Week was ok I suppose although I still have a great deal of difficulty with my sore leg/heel/foot.

At least my heart rate seems to be getting slowly better.

imageMY WEEK:

MONDAY: Pat (PC) says ” Rest or 40 minutes running “.

Gym:  65 minutes…upper body and legs. Run: Could not face a slow 40 minutes so ran my old 6 km route.Tried hard 26.57.


TUESDAY: PC ” 70 minutes”. Ran 70.02 in light rain.

WEDNESDAY: PC ” 15 hills of about 30 seconds each with jog down”. Ran 15 hills in 30 seconds each with half jog.

THURSDAY: PC “50 minutes “. Ran 47.50. Out and back but with wind behind me on return.

FRIDAY: PC ” 40 minutes”. Ran 3km as race next day.

SATURDAY : AM: Easy 3 km. PM RACE: 5 km. ran as a pacer due to terrible muddy conditions.Not interested in risking injury.

SUNDAY : Pat said 2 hours 20 but left it too late so ran 7 km in the dark and the cold.


SO….that was my week.Hardly inspiring. My weight is down to 65.9 kilos so that is ok. I have also got some ORTHODICS which I hope will help reduce the pain.

MELBOURNE MARATHON in 12 weeks time.





Second week of training for the Boston Marathon is almost complete. The weather and my continual sore foot has contributed to a fairly lackluster week so far. Not that is really much of an excuse.  I really have not got into it yet….just over 13 weeks to go…..I need to get out and do some running not sit around making endless excuses. 😦

Last few days as follows :

TUESDAY : Morning…6 km on the elliptical machine at the gym.i try and do the distance on the machine as quickly as I can.Not sure what benefit it has but better than sitting home alone.

Afternoon: 9 km run. First 4 km with Tamami and then ran a bit harder and pushed myself up some hills. Felt really bad with 3 km to go. My heart rate went to 191 which for me is high. Temperature 27 degrees. Weight 67.7 Kgm 😦


WEDNESDAY : Morning….gym…pushed weights…included some leg pushes. 65 minutes. This was a hard session as I knew run that afternoon would not be much with the temp being so hot.

Afternoon : Ran hard for 15 minutes in 44 degree heat. Tough conditions but really short run so no big deal. More concerned about pain in foot than a bit of sun.

Weight 68.0 Kgm….gets worse 😦


THURSDAY : Afternoon….Ran 6 km with Tamami at good pace.Foot hurt a lot but it was an ok run.


Evening: Raced with Masters on the track. Finished first so better than last week. Still very very slow. 😦 I wore my heavy training shoes rather than my usual racing flats as it hurt too much when my light heel hit the track. 😦


FRIDAY : Morning: GYM: 65 minutes pushing weights…tried to increase the weigh lifted  by a small amount. ELLIPTICAL: 3 km as hard as I could. BIKE: 10 km as hard as I could.( Exercise bike that is)


So on it goes…..I need to get out and run.






BOSTON: First Race.


I have now been training for Boston for four days now. None of the days have been easy  as I still have pain when I run. Not good. However last night I went to the Track and raced with the East Burwood Masters. That was ok in a way.

FIRST WEEK: Plan is to ease myself into my Boston training so after a solid gym session and a run of 8 km on the first day I decided to have an easy second day:

TUESDAY: Plan was to run easily for just 4 km. However I ran the third Km too fast and then ran the 4 th Km very hard. Felt sick afterwards.  I pretty much messed this run up. Heel sore from first step.Temperature was only 20 degrees but humidity was 73% which is not for me ! Weight 67.6 km ( also not good ).

I have never taken water at the gym but now have a brand new water bottle that filters the water in some way. So I am one of those gym rats who walks around with a bottle it seems. 🙂


WEDNESDAY : As I lack will power I decided to do 30 minutes on the elliptical machine at the gym before doing my weights. If I push weights for an hour I am inclined to skip the Elliptical. So Elliptical done and then weights. OK if somewhat boring. 

Smiling but really feeling pretty ordinary.


RUN : only 8 km but first 4 km with Tamami San and then pushed the last 4 km. Time 40.57. 😦   Again I felt bad after finishing. Temperature 26 degrees but humidity 57% which should have suited me? Blood pressure 118/81 Heart Rate 45 Weight 66.7 Kgm. Apart from the leg pain I think the reason I feel so bad is because I run just before dinner and am feeling so hungry when I start out. I should become a morning runner…..hmmmm.

THURSDAY : RUN: only 5.5 Km but put in some surges near the end. OK I suppose but leg still hurt a lot. Temperature 21 Humidity 53%. Weight 66.5 km. Even so short a distance makes me feel bad…although that today was probably caused by the hard last km. Plus again I was hungry.

Both looking half dead after run today.


MEDITATION : I meditated again today. My third time. It have a long way to go to get much out of this I think.

THURSDAY : After running fairly hard in the late afternoon I was not feeling so good but wanted to start racing at the track with the Masters. 

RACE: I wore my ultra light racing shoes which felt great until I actually got onto the track. My racing flats offered no protection to my heel and I certainly felt every step. I was hoping that the track would have some bounce but it was not to be. Or maybe it is just the clomping way I run. On the plus side I went through the first km in 4.19 which felt like a walk….so that was at least one positive. BUT  with two laps to go I stopped and waited for Tamami to catch up and ran to the finish with her.  Were finished 2 nd and 3rd with the standard being very low so soon after Christmas.Certainly the field will get faster…but so will I ( well I hope to !).

Two spikes. Training run and race just afterwards.


FRIDAY ( today ) Tamami has again left early to play golf so it’s the gym for me.




BOSTON marathon Training Begins


My plan has always been to start training for the Boston Marathon on January 4 th. That day is now today. So it’s time to stop talking and actually get off the sofa and do something .

I have my new insoles…so I am ready. 🙂


Even though I am still far from being 100% I have done some pre training….The last three days have unfolded as follows:

Friday : Gym: 60 minutes pushing weights. Elliptical : 3 km fairly hard…took about 17 minutes. RUN : 6 Km using new ‘ orthotics ‘.Weight 66.8 Kilos. Blood Pressure 144/83. Heart Rate 45.

My Heart Rate in going down….so that is something.


Saturday : RUN 6 km. A few hills.28 degrees. Weight 67.3 😦 BP 118/83 HR 46 Terribly unfit.

Still hurts when I run but not so much when I am sitting around doing nothing.


Sunday : Gym: 62 minutes pushing weights and ab exercises. RUN:  6 km :New shoes plus Orthos. Pain but nothing I can not handle.


Monday Morning ( today) : Gym : 60 minutes of weights and ab exercises and stretches. Very boring. I drive to the gym ( too lazy to run there) and push the weights and do the exercises. I speak to no one and then drive home to an empty house.

There must be something else to life. 😦


BOSTON : Getting ready


January 1st 2016. My aim is to start training for the Boston Marathon on January 4 th.

For some time now I have suffered from a very sore ankle/heel/tendon which has stopped me form doing much exercise.However I am getting to the stage where I will pretty much have to ignore the pain and just run.

LAST  SEVEN DAYS: Here is what I have been doing ‘ exercise’ wise. I have started using the elliptical machine at the gym. It is extremely boring but gets me moving a little bit. Decades ago I could easily do an hour but now I lack the Will power.

SATURDAY: Day after Christmas. Weight 67.4 Kgm which for me is not too bad. GYM: 50 Minutes upper body weights….ELLIPTICAL 20 minutes ( boring). RUN : 5.5km

SUNDAY:Weight 66.8 :GYM : 41 minutes of weights. ELLIPTICAL 30 minutes RUN: 8 km.

MONDAY : Weight 67.2 Kgm. GYM :35 minutes upper body weights…ELLIPTICAL 40 minutes. RUN 4.5 km ( ran hard )


TUESDAY : Weight  67.4 Kgm. GYM 54 minutes upper body weights. Elliptical 30 minutes. RUN :3km ( New Shoes…to be used at Boston!)

WEDNESDAY : Gym 71 minutes of Upper Body…for me this is a long session ! RUN 3 km in racing shoes…35 degrees….pushed it as hard as I could and ignored the heat.


THURSDAY: Early morning race with Julz at The Tan. 4 km 21.40. Good effort in her part but felt like a walk. Still it was great to get out. Weight at End of Year: 66.9 Kgm.

FRIDAY: Gym 60 minutes. Elliptical 3 km…could not face more….took me about 17 minutes. Day not over yet….


I have been thinking of getting Orthodics. But I read that it may be a good idea to buy some store ones before getting some made especially for one’s self.Any way I purchased something that the good and wise Dr Scholl has invented and will give them a trial spin this afternoon. Fingers crossed.

I think my ankle/leg/ whatever is getting a little better. That may just be in my mind but I suppose that is what matters. We shall see on Monday when I take my first run.


Marathon: Pre-Training


Plan is start training for the Boston Marathon ( April 18th 2016 ) in a week. However I am still suffering from pain in my left heel/ankle/tendon which I can not seem to shake off.

I rested for a week doing little more than push weights in My Tokyo Gym and go for very short jogs. This may have helped…a bit…maybe??? Really don’t know.


THIS WEEK: I am now back In Australia and back to my Melbourne Gym. So I have stepped up the training to a small degree although I have still not run even a medium length run. I am also massaging my leg twice a day( at least ) and taking an Aspro clear at breakfast each day. Also stretching my calves….helping?


SUNDAY :GYM 60 minutes upper body weights.RUN 3km,slow.


MONDAY: RUN 5.5 km. No Time. WEIGHT 67.8 kilo Blood Pressure (BP) 139/83. HeartRate ( HR) 51

TUESDAY: GYM 61 minutes. RUN 3km ( slow and heavy legs). Weight 67.7 Kgm. BP152/90  😦 HR 48. Gym is ok in a way but a little lonely. I speak to no one and just drive to the gym,do it and drive home. 😦


WEDNESDAY: RUN 3 km  Felt very slow BP 137/82 HR 48

THURSDAY: RUN 3 km ( 34 degrees….HOT). BP 137/87 HR 48  Heel still hurts when it hit the ground which is not so good. 😦

FRIDAY: CHRISTMAS DAY : RUN 5.5 km.( 31 degrees…felt very hot). Weight 67.3 Kgm. BP 133/76 HR 47 Weight was taken in the morning. After eating food for lunch probably a lot heavier.

SATURDAY : GYM 55 minutes. Elliptical Machine 20 minutes. Run 5.5 km…felt a bit better than usual. Weight 67.4 Kgm I suppose I should be happy not to have stacked on too much weight after Christmas eating !!


SO…things could be worse….


TODAY is Sunday….feeling a little bit down. Will go to the gym and push some weights and do more elliptical this morning. In the afternoon I will try for a longer run. 🙂