Marathon Training Week Three.


I have now completed the third week of the training schedule written for me by champion Marathon runner Pat Carroll.

Week was ok I suppose although I still have a great deal of difficulty with my sore leg/heel/foot.

At least my heart rate seems to be getting slowly better.

imageMY WEEK:

MONDAY: Pat (PC) says ” Rest or 40 minutes running “.

Gym:  65 minutes…upper body and legs. Run: Could not face a slow 40 minutes so ran my old 6 km route.Tried hard 26.57.


TUESDAY: PC ” 70 minutes”. Ran 70.02 in light rain.

WEDNESDAY: PC ” 15 hills of about 30 seconds each with jog down”. Ran 15 hills in 30 seconds each with half jog.

THURSDAY: PC “50 minutes “. Ran 47.50. Out and back but with wind behind me on return.

FRIDAY: PC ” 40 minutes”. Ran 3km as race next day.

SATURDAY : AM: Easy 3 km. PM RACE: 5 km. ran as a pacer due to terrible muddy conditions.Not interested in risking injury.

SUNDAY : Pat said 2 hours 20 but left it too late so ran 7 km in the dark and the cold.


SO….that was my week.Hardly inspiring. My weight is down to 65.9 kilos so that is ok. I have also got some ORTHODICS which I hope will help reduce the pain.

MELBOURNE MARATHON in 12 weeks time.




Marathon Report: Gold Coast Marathon


Last Sunday I ran the Gold Coast Marathon for the 4 th time. Previousely I had run this race in 1983,1984 and 2013.
The only good thing to be said about Sunday’s race was that I finished. Apart
from that it was a pretty miserable outing on the roads of Surfers Paradise.


RECENT MARATHONS : After running the Seoul Marathon late last year I was in a bad way and could not run much at all.
However I was lucky enough to gain entry into the Tokyo Marathon in February this year.Despite carrying injuries I managed to slowly jog through in a fraction under 4 hours.
I was also lucky enough to get into the Paris Marathon. However for that French race I chose not to take any gels or much water on a sunny day. I simply ran out of energy after 34 Km and walked through a drink station. Could not really get going again and finished in 3-55.

LAST YEAR in the Melbourne Marathon I qualified for the 2016 BOSTON Marathon by 7 minutes. OK I suppose but I was greedy and thought I should be able to improve on that in the Gold Coast Marathon. If you beat the qualifying time by 10 minutes you are permitted to enroll for the Boston Marathon a day earlier that the slower runners.


I started slowly with 5.30 for the first Km and 5.21 for the second. I then dropped the pace down to 5.15 which felt very comfortable.This was to plan and all looked good.

Feeling pretty good and ran to 20 Km at around 5.10 pace.Found this easy.

However despite feeling ok by 25 Km I was down to running at 5.20 pace.

Some where between 25-30 I walked through a drink station and that was pretty much the end for me.
From about 32 Km onwards I simply jogged/walked to finish is about 4 hours.

I was very sick after the race and only lived thanks to the help Tamami San provided.


In the Paris Marathon I crashed due to lack of Gels etc.
For the Gold Coast I took Gels every 8 Kms.

However when I look at my training for last Sunday’s race, I note that my longest training run after Paris was 25 Km and I only did that once. I also struggled in that particular training run after 21 Km.

I think that I simply did not have enough training for time on my feet.
When I ran the Gold Coast Marathon in 1983 I would run for 2 hours then gather myself for a 50 minute or so push to the finish. NOW of course I run for 2 hours and I am barely half way with close to 1 hour 45 to the finish ( or in some cases a miserable 2 hours ).

I thought I would be good on the day….obviously I was wrong.

So it was a a very disappointing outing.

FUTURE PLANS : 14 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.
I have run Melbourne 13 times since 1979.PB 2-51 ( I think that is written in stone).
My aim is to run The Melbourne Marathon 15 times and then retire from that particular race….
Melbourne clashes with Chicago,Berlin,Dublin….I would like to knock those races off before I turn 70.


Marathon Report : Paris 2015


I was disappointed with the result. True there were positives. I finished strongly in the last Km.I improved 5 minutes on the Toyko Marathon I ran a few weeks ago.I smashed the 4 hour barrier(!).It was my second fastest time since I made a Marathon comeback after a 23 year break.My injuries did not slow me. BUT generally running at this pace is not how I see myself.

PRE RACE…..Breakfast in the hotel. Two pieces of toast and a cup of coffee.

AT the START…..I lined up with the 3.30 runners though I did not expect to run that pace. We seemed to stand around for a very long time.

START TO 5 Km: 27.22
Despite the number of people( said to be 55,000) I had no trouble running. I was a bit scared of going too fast. I held back and was slower than my race plan pace.

5 Km to 10 Km : 26.54
I ran a little faster. No great effort.Felt a little bored. I took a throat lozenges to give me a little energy.

10 Km to 15 Km : 26.34
Felt a little sick at 11 Km and decided to take some water at 15 Km. Earlier than usual but the sun was out and I was getting warm.

15 Km to 20 Km 26.21
Felt really good after drinking and ran the next Km in 5.04.
My Garmin then died which upset me and perhaps confused my pace in the second half.

HALF WAY 1-53.06
I did not know this time as the was no clock. It felt easy. I thought it would have been faster.

20 Km to 25 Km 27.00
Without my Garmin I slipped a few seconds.
It was getting hot.It was moving towards midday.
Felt ok and looking forward to lifting the pace at 30 Km.
Decided to have another drink at 30 Km.
Took a second throat lozenges.
I was finding the run boring.
I decided not to have a race gel even though I was carrying two packets.

25km to 30 Km 27.39
We ran through a number of tunnels…four I think.
One was very long and I felt quite sick at the end.
I was a bit slower but felt I was going ok.Still no real idea of pace.

I did not think course was as flat as claimed.
Did not like running over the cobble stones….I complain a lot.

30km to 35 Km. : 29.24
I was running well up to around 33 Km and then felt weak.
Just before 35 Km I walked through the drink station and drank almost a bottle of water. It was a long drink station and this walk almost finished me.
Having a second drink probably helped me but I did not think so at the time.

35 Km to 40 Km : 29.30
Felt terrible. Slowed to a jog. Just struggling to get to 40 Km. No idea of my time and no idea of my pace other than it was slow. Felt very tired and weak.
Just wanted to get the whole think finished.
Felt upset at how weak I was.

40 Km to Finish : ?
40 Km was again a survival shuffle. I must have looked terrible.I still passed people but probably some passed me….I was beyond caring.

Last Km I picked up the pace and forced myself to run with a bit of style.Passed a lot of people…although some tall young character carrying a selfie stick passed me…..I have sunk so low!!
Gotta look good for the photo.

I bowed to the course on finishing even though I was upset at my weakness after 34 Km.

No idea of my time until the results were published.

I finished about 14,000…. Kind of sad.



PARISH MARATHON : Taper of sorts


Arrived at my Tokyo home yesterday. I will stay in Japan until Tuesday ( it is now Friday).I will then go to London until Friday. Take the Euro star ( Train) to Paris on Friday morning in anticipation of the Paris Marathon on Sunday.

Here is a photo of my apartment building in Tokyo.I am on the 19 th floor.


WEDNESDAY :In Melbourne I ran 20 Km with Tamami over a fairly hilly course. I did not push too hard. Temperature was 27 degrees which was a bit too hot for me. But it will be a lot cooler in France. Generally I found this a good run.Felt very good.


FLIGHT: It is about 10 hours from Melbourne to Tokyo. Flight was scheduled for 11.45 PM but was delayed until 12.45 and in fact we did not get underway until after 1 AM.
Not that good for me.
During the flight I became very unwell. Not sure if it was late flight,20 Km in the heat or even my stretching at 4 in the morning ( night).
Whatever I recovered.

THURSDAY: Only a very short jog in Tokyo. Smart move I think.
Walked around and took the usual photos of Cherry Blossom trees ( Sakura ).


FRIDAY: TODAY: Going out for a fancy lunch. Later in the day I will run 10 Km wearing my light weight racing shoes.

TAPER: Can not say I am feeling light and relaxed. The flight here was a bit of a downer. But I think once I get out into the Tokyo streets I will start to feel a bit more chipper.

Marathon :Taper : 3 Days in.


After my long run on Saturday of about 32 Kms I moved into my Taper Period in anticipation of the Paris Marathon on April 12 th.

I have my bib number and starting area.


Taper so far…
Second last week before the Marathon.

Sunday : 3 Km. More of just a recover jog after Saturday’s run.

Monday : 10 Km. Felt pretty ordinary for the first 5 Km but got into a bit of rhythm on the way home.

Tuesday : A fairly 5.5 Km. More than a jog in warm ( 25 degrees) conditions.Good run.Heavy shoes.


TOMORROW: I will run about 20 Km with Tamami.
In the evening I will catch the plane to Japan.

My plan is to take it fairly easily…maybe run an casual 15 Km on Sunday in Tokyo.


Marathon : Long Run done.


Ran what I call ‘ long ‘ this morning. Some runners run 38 or even 40 Km as their long runs but I do not think that is for me. I would rather save my strenght to run 38/40 for the Marathon Race. Instead I ran around 32 Km today.
This will be my last ‘ long ‘ run before the Paris MarThon on April 12 th.

Today’s run was not particularly taxing and I managed to finish fairly strongly. But on the other hand I was pleased to finish. 32 Km may not sound like a massive distance but I still find it a fair effort.


Reasonably good conditions this morning. Started about 13 degrees and finished at 16. Over cast and threatening rain but no rain after the first few minutes.

Again I did not take any Gels but had a lozenges at the start and at 14 Km. Also stopped for a drink at 24/25 Km. I think having a drink helped although I could probably have run much the same without any water.

Weight was 63.3 Kgm ( just over 139 pounds).
Probably could get lighter but I will not worry about that now.
When I am back from Japan in May I will work harder in the gym.


Today is Saturday. On Wednesday night I will go to Tokyo and spend a few days there getting used to the cooler weather. Then off to London…a few days there…bit of a taper….then over to Paris.

Marathon : Paris soon


Just over two weeks until the Paris Marathon.So today I got my pre race haircut. $15 but I am willing to pay top dollar for good service.


Taking it fairly easy, running only 5.5 Km.
Used my light weigh racing shoes. Now they get packed.
My running from now on will be in my heavier shoes.

Purchased some Euros.
Also my guide book.


LONG RUN…..I will try another 31 Km run
Not too concerned as to pace. Pretty much just run all the way. Time on my feet.