Marathon : Getting close now.


From today it is only Three weeks until the Melbourne Marathon. I am certainly far from ready but still trying to follow Champion Marathon Runner Pat Carroll ‘s training schedule. This week has been as follows :

MONDAY : Pat says it is a rest today. I was still sore from the 30 km run yesterday so was happy to run just 3 km.

TUESDAY : Training plan said 50 minutes. I switched to my lighter shoes and pushed myself and ran 44.16. Even though I felt a bit ill it was a reasonable run.

WEDNESDAY : Plan said 1 hour 30 minutes. I ran the same as I ran yesterday and then kept on going and ran it again. Total running 1-29.20. Found this hard,especially the hills which I tried to run fast. What I call fast. 🙂 Did not feel very well but that means little. Happy to run hard whilst feeling sick.



THURSDAY : Plan said another 5o minutes but was sore from my effort yesterday and was rostered as an official for the Masters. Just a short jog.Leg still very sore.

FRIDAY : 20 minutes fartlek. Ran a bit less than this. Feeling a bit better but hard to hit the roads on a Friday evening.

SATURDAY : Plan was for 50 minutes. Ran with Julz which was fun.  Did not time it but probably just sky of 50. An ok run although I think  was still a bit some from Wednesday’s run.



SUNDAY : Plan called for a 2 hour 40 minute run. I ran with Tamami and Matt and Konico Bowden. I picked the route and chose a hard hilly course. Run was ok and we ran somewhere between 31 and 32 km. Took about 2-55. I was not concerned with the pace but just happy to keep going. After finishing I again had a banana. This plus taking two gels and drinking water probably helped me quite a bit. At no stage did I feel faint. However felt a bit sore….but maybe running for three hours does that to one. 🙂

Week was ok I guess….I still have a long way to go to run the Marathon in three weeks time.




MARATHON : The art of the Recovery.


I have run 4 marathons this year ( Tokyo,Paris,Gold Coast,Melbourne ). After the first three I pretty much had to get back into training ASAP in anticipation of the next race. However after Melbourne I am going to do it differently.

Some people say recover one day for each Km run ( 42 days) whilst others say one day for every mile ( 26 days). Whilst others just train the day after the Marathon.
Who is to say what is correct ? I think everyone is different and what works for some may not suit others.
ANYWAY this is what I am doing…

I went into the Melbourne Marathon with a sore heel and came out of it with a Very sore heel and maybe Achilles’ tendon trouble. I also have a lot of pain in my right hamstring which adds to my woes.
BUT I was still glad I finished the Melbourne Marathon…my 14th Melbourne.
See Painting of finish. 🙂


My next Marathon is BOSTON in April. So there is no real hurry to get back in action. However I want to run so I am working at getting well.


Monday -Thursday Very short jogs each day.
Friday ( went to Japan ) : short jog/ 15 minutes on exercise bike/weights( seated upper body)
Saturday : Longer jog but still short/ 30 minutes on exercise bike.
Weight 68.2 kgm/ HR 45 / BP 134/76
Sunday : 5 km with Mi chan. 24.14 ( felt faster )
40 push ups….started again….


PAIN : I experience a lot of pain walking and running. Also painful to sit for long periods.

I am doing a little running but not much.

MONDAY : Ran 5 km with Mi chan. 24.00. ( felt I wanted to run faster)
Push ups 100.
TUESDAY: ran 38.19 with Mi chan to Forrest.Started well but a lot of pain at the end.
Weight 67.0 Kgm

WEDNESDAY: AM: push ups 40. Stomach Crunches 250 ( started again)
Started stretching

My aim is to overcome this pain in my heel and fix my hamstring problem.
I believe I am getting better….hopefully I am not just kidding myself.


Melbourne Marathon : The Taper


I am tapering for the final week before the Melbourne Marathon which I will race on Sunday.
Unfortunately I have a very painful heel and possibly achilles which makes running difficult.
This easy taper week will I hope give me just that extra bit of energy to complete the course.

MY TAPER so far
Sunday : Steady 10 Km with Julz
Monday : very short jog
Tuesday : Easy 3 Km with Tamami.
Wednesday :6 Km alone at a good pace.

Today ( Wednesday) was quite hot when I ran.


I ran quite well today despite the heat but by the last Km my achilles’ tendon was given a great deal of pain. I wore my old training shoes and will probably race with them on Sunday although I would rather my light weight racing shoes if I was not in so much pain.

WEIGHT: My last weigh in….66.5 Kgm. Acceptable.


My resting HR is now 46.
I felt I tried reasonably hard today and was pleased to see my maximum HR was for me quite low.


THURSDAY: I plan to run an easy 3 Km.
I don’t think anything I do now will help me. I just want to keep up the running sequence.

Not long now.

Marathon ( non ) Training.


Running on Monday ( 25 Km in about 2-10 ) and on Tuesday at the track ( intervals after long warm up) showed me I can ( for me) run reasonably long and ( again for me) reasonably fast. But every step hurt. It seems I will have to take drastic measures if I am to run the Melbourne Marathon on October 18 th !!

I am having massages and icing my leg.


The rest of this working week as been a total non even regarding training.

WEDNESDAY : Tried going for a jog but after starting the pain was pretty bad so decided my plan would be to rest.
Went to the Gym and pushed weights for over an hour. Mainly upper body and abs but tried some leg presses.( Leg presses felt good but not they help my sore heel)
10 minutes on Ellpitical machine.

THURSDAY : Again tried a jog but again loads of pain so another rest day.
Went to the Gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. Boring plus despite hiking through some canyons in Utah in VR.

FRIDAY : Tried a short jog…maybe a tad less pain. But really no point just jogging super slowly to avoid pain.
Went to the Gym and pushed weights for well over an hour.
No elliptical or leg presses as I am not sure they do not hurt my leg.


I was going to race on Sunday but will skip. Instead I will try another 25 Km.Just cover the distance.

I still have over 7 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon. If I can just overcome this current pain I can still do it.

Marathon: Training : First Day Completed


After two weeks rest it was great to get out and start my training for the Melbourne Marathon which is to be held in a little less than 13 weeks time.

It is very easy to get over excited on the first day and do too much. Accordingly I decided to just gently ease my way back into it.

GYM: Good solid hour pushing weights and working on my abs ( they need a lot of work).
300 crunches on the exercise ball.
Also did some leg presses. Not much. 3 sets of 20. I do these fairly slowly as I am scared of getting injured. I have not done such for yonks.

RUN: 17 Km in 88 minutes.
Not that easy but held back a bit as I want to beat that time next time I do run this particular route. Generally flat with only a couple of hills. Cold but no rain.Windy.


HEART RATE; Fairly high at one point so it would seem I have a lot of work to do.
Also shows run was far from a walk in the park.
Time was of course very slow but I find that training runs are almost always slower than race pace ( or so I tell myself).


This week I will just turn my legs over. I will race on Saturday on a very hard hilly cross country course….not that keen but it’s all training I suppose.

Marathon Training : It begins


After the Gold Coast Marathon I have taken two weeks rest. Apart from going to the gym half a dozen times to push weights and mostly running no more than 6 Kms each day I have done nothing.

LAST 3 days of recovery
Friday : run 3 Km
Saturday: Easy 16 Km run.
Sunday : short jog.

TODAY: There are 13 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.
Some people may think that this is not long enough to prepare properly. I think it is enough. I have regarded a full recovery as my first priority. Resting sounds fine but it is also frustrating. But now I can get off the sofa and back on the road.


Training starts today.
The real benefit of taking two weeks to recover is clear in how eager I am feeling to start training again.

Marathon : Recovery.


I am taking two weeks off after the Gold Coast marathon. Today is the Thursday of the second week.
On Monday I will start training again for the Melbourne Marathon on October 18 th.
But for now it is just rest and recovery. I am making recovery my number one priority.

Gym : 60 minutes:Upper body weight lifting including 500 crunches on the exercise ball.
Run: 6 Kms. Plan was to run fairly slowly but messed it up and ran two minutes faster than on Tuesday. Not good.

Run : 6kms. 30 seconds slower than yesterday but still too fast.

Resting Heart Rate up but I suppose I can lower that when I start running again.


WEIGHT : 67.4 Kgm. Heavier than I would have liked but again there is not too much to worry about. Once I start exercising I can drop it down.

Tamami was home for lunch for the first time this week today. As always I get a decent lunch but today I did not have to eat it alone.


Looking forward to running again. But I am trying to be smart for once and not rush it. Rest and Recovery is the name of the game.