Another week of running in Japan. I am trying to take it easy and to commence training again on December 25 th.

This current post is written via my delux super modern cherry red coloured new iPad. 😎

MONDAY : A good start to the week. I ran what for me was a solid 12 km. I tried to run a little faster with my last 4 kms run at 5.22, 5.22, 5.10, 4.53. Sure this is not fast per se ,but I was running over a bridge and had to run onto the road to avoid a truck. SO in my current state this was not too bad. Weight 67.6 Kgm….Blood Pressure 122/72. Wore my old heavy shoes with orthotics. Happy  with this as I actually pushed myself out of my comfort zone.


TUESDAY : Ran a steady 5 km with Tamami San and then ran 6 hill sprints. Weight 67.4  Kgm. EAch hill about 48 seconds.Found this reasonably hard.

WEDNESDAY : Good  solid morning session in the gym in the morning. In the evening joined with Namban Team mates to run reps  in the park. We ran 2000,3×1000,2×500. In the dark I missed the finish for the last 500m and carried on for another 300m. 😦  Certainly I am woefully slow. Long way to go.😥 More of this is certainly necessary.


THURSDAY : Nothing in the morning but solid gym session in the afternoon followed by 5 km with Tamami. Probably not such a good idea to combine gym and running so close together. Felt pretty poor at the start. Finished OK even if I did feel a little sick.

FRIDAY : Good Japanese friend from Melbourne in Tokyo for a funeral this week end. Ran over the Rainbow Bridge with her and Tamami. She is only a 3.30 marathon runner but just left me way behind running up the incline on the bridge. Actually I felt really bad at a photo stop and almost fainted. Ran about 12 km over all. It was probably more a race than a social run.😮 Felt sick.But it was great to run with her and hopefully made her feel a little better.


SATURDAY: Joined Namban team mates for hill training.They are called The Hill Tribe.After about a 2 km (?) warm up we ran 8 hills over a bit over one minute each. Found this hard and was very much at the back of the pack.In fact I was second last for most runs although I picked up a couple of places in the last couple of runs. I will do better next week. I lack both speed and strength.

BONEKAI: This is a Japanese end of year party. Namban Rengo hold one every year.A very interesting and enjoyable evening. Great to see fellow team mates in something other than running gear.


NEXT WEEK: Another rest and recovery week. Not much planned other than something called RunLIsh….combines Running and English ( true!)…on Wednesday…and a Race on Friday ( public holiday)…and of course The Hill Tribe on Saturday. Perhaps the hills Tamami and I run on Tuesday’s are too short…will try and make these longer and harder.



Another week running in Japan


Another week living and running in Japan concluding with a race in Sunday.

MONDAY  : Gym session in the morning of about 45 minutes. Not pushing it too hard at this stage. In the afternoon a slightly quicker run of about 20 minutes with Mi chan over a new route wearing light shoes.

imageTUESDAY : 13 km run which I found hard. Never felt good. Weight 68.1 Kgms Blood Pressure 140/85

WEDNESDAY : Did not sleep very well and only went for a short jog in the afternoon.

THURSDAY : 13 km finishing in the dark. String finish. Felt a bit better. Weight down to 67.4 Kgms. HR Max 190 which is not too good.

imageFRIDAY : 30 minutes in the gym and shortish jog around the streets. Blood Pressure Good.

SATURDAY : Again did not sleep well. Longer session in the gym with lots of stretching. Back hurting a bit when I run. Short jog in the afternoon.

SUNDAY: RACE: Ran a leg of a relay ( Ekiden) with my Tokyo Running club,Namban  Rengo,out in the middle of nowhere.

I found running at a faster pace than I was used to at training pretty hard. This was my first race since September.

imageMy splits were are good indication of my current position. There was a very long hard at about 7km which went pretty much to the end. This really defeated me and I had to struggle to offer much of a kick in the last couple of hundred meters.

4.23/4.43/4.58/5.02/5.01/4.47/5.05/5.43 ( 4.54)

So again a so so week but I think a step forward. I will try and get some club training in this week and have another race before Christmas. Apart from pain in my back and a little pain in my foot plus sleeping difficulties I am getting reasonably healthy.




Only two weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.

This last week has been a little bit different to my normal training but I think it has been a reasonably worthwhile week.The aim is of course not to train just for the sake of training but to enable  me to run 42.2 Km.

MONDAY : After a solid 31 km run on the Sunday I took it very easy and ran just 3 km.

TUESDAY : I have sold my office building and have a ton ( ten tons) of guff accumulated over the last 30 years. Spent most of the day moving boxes and going up and down stairs. Too tired to run so only 3 Kms in the evening.

WEDNESDAY : Plan was for medium run of say an hour and a half. I decided to run shorter and wearing my light weight racing flats ran a hard ( for me) 7 Kms. It was quite fun to get out and stretch my legs after days of inactivity.

THURSDAY : Plan was again to get a medium long run of say 20 Kms. Tamami was to run the first half with me. However in the first Km my legs felt very sore due I suspect running hard the day before. Tamami is very good running down hills whilst I am very poor at this. After about 3 km she raced down from a steep bridge and left me behind. I took three Kms to catch her ( not good). After I passed her I really pushed myself hard to the end. I thought she was right behind me but in fact she stopped with 3 km to go…live to fight another day….wise move.

Quite happy as I beat my best time for that course by 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

FRIDAY and Saturday…..just easy jogging. Spent all Saturday at the Football Grand Final so only got out late at night.


SUNDAY : Tamami has a bit of an injury so ran a solid 30 km in the morning with me manning the drink station at 10 and 20 km.


I did not get out till almost 6 PM and just lacked the Will power to run for two hours…actually I was quite hungry and not feeling so great.Tamami drove me out about 11 km and I ran home. Again using my light weight shoes. Foot hurt a bit but I enjoyed the run knowing it would be fairly short. There were some quite steep hills which I enjoyed trying to run up hard although I was my usual woeful self on the way down. Generally a not so stressful 57 minute run.


Weight 66.2 Kgms. Resting Heart Rate 44.

Two weeks until I run my 15 th Melbourne Marathon.


Running: Out and Back training.


Yesterday I ran a circular rather hilly course of about 8 Km. When I got to the end I did a U turn and ran the same course in the opposite direction.
A reasonable run.
Heart Rate did not go through the roof even though I felt I was pushing it,especially on the hills.


Finding the first 5,6,7 Kms of every run these days quite hard. I was struggling yesterday. Cold and wind did not help although in truth it could have been a lot worse weather conditions wise.
I know in my heart that if I can just get through the first uncomfortable bit of running I will start to feel better the longer I run for. I just have to have the Will power to keep going.

At the half way point yesterday I met Tamami and she ran the final 8 Km with me. She moved quite well and I certainly felt the pace was increased. I ran the second half 2 minutes faster than the first….but of course this could have been just because I smelt home. 🙂 It was. great to have someone else out there with me whilst I ran.

I finished strongly which was good. Nowadays after each run it takes me a little while to recover. Meaning I walk along the road gasping and then sit on the edge of the bath gasping.


WEIGHT : 66.4 Kgm. Not super light but I am not worrying about it too much.

Running…but enough ?


I have been putting a bit more time in on the road. But still I can not be accused of doing ‘ too much’. Tomorrow however I am trying for what I call ‘ a long run’. But more of that later.This is what I have been up to in the last three days.

THURSDAY : After a long gym session in the morning( actually my longest for the year)I went running in very heavy rain.
Before you go out into the rain it is easy to think what a hero you are. But after half an hour getting completely soaked you think more about what a dope you are to be out alone in the cold and the dark getting drowned. 🙂

Still I managed 7 Km.
An ok effort as I no longer wear rain protection gear….just light T shirt and shorts..I need to be able to handle hard conditions.


FRIDAY: I had planned to take myself out for two hours. Did my usual Holmesglen Garden Centre run in 1.01 but instead of a U turn as is my normal action I ran home a different way.
This was along the main roads which although hilly seemed to be faster. I tried to push the hills although my legs felt a bit weak.
Ran 1-48. Finished ok.
Hassle was crossing roads….I will not do this again.


TODAY: My club’s association had a race today. 8 Km cross country. A few hills.
I took it very easy and ran with Tamami San. Pace was 5.02 minutes Per Km.
Enjoyed the run with Mi chan and felt no great stress. was surprised how easy it was.
BUT…it was ONLY 8 Km… I have a long way to go….


TOMORROW: It is time to bite the bullet. Put my cards on the table. Move outside the square.
I will try 30 Km around Albert Park Lake.
6 laps.
Boring plus but no roads and no hills.
I think I can do this….but talk is cheap.
I have Tamami,Julz and friend Rob to help me….I may need all the help I can get.

Marathon: Change of plan


Whilst Tamami was smart enough to get out the door early this morning to run a solid 20 Km. I left it to late to get started and again suffered in the heat.

With just over 4 weeks until the Tokyo Marathon my plan was to run 9 Km at a steady pace and then do a U turn and run the reverse. Total 18 Km. The plan was to run the second 9 Km at a faster rate than the first 9.


Almost from the start I did not feel good. Again I had left too little time between eating and running. I had put a lot of tape around my left knee and this may not have been the best thing to do. My leg felt sore from the beginning.

When I got to the 9 Km point I decided that I would retreat and live to fight another day.
I suppose I could have run another 9 Km but the point of the run was to do those Kms faster than those in the first half of the run.
I am happy enough to push myself into illness in a race but a mid weak training run is not something I want to hurt myself in for days afterwards.

Last time I did this out and back run I ran 45 minutes for the first half and 43 minutes return. Today I ran the first ( and only) half in 41 minutes. So at least I can take that away from today.

Sunday I will have another ‘ long run ‘. How that will go I am not sure. But one thing I am certain of is that I will be starting early morning in hopefully cooler conditions

BLOOD PRESSURE today 125/80


Stomach crunches 200
Back stretches 15 x 2

Marathon : Knee trouble


My knee felt a little better today although I still experience pain. I am thinking maybe the exercises I have been doing with the ankle weights have been hurting rather than helping. Accordingly I did not do them.

No gym today so I used my home dumbells. 10.5 Kgms each.


My ( often stated ) plan is to rest until December 26 th and then start exercising.
Today I hit a few golf balls with Tamami. Not too bad. At least I get a bit of sun.


BLOOD Pressure….up a it this morning. 155 over 90.
Heart Rate: 45

Did my usual exercises at home
Push ups : 125
Stomach crunches 300
Quad lifts : 20 x 2 each leg.
Back stretches.

RUN: Not really doing any running.
3 Km at a decent pace.
No Knee strap. Some pain but could have been worse.
25 degrees….I think this is about as hot as I want it to be when I run.

TOMORROW: I will weigh myself. Do not think I have lost much.
If my weight is up I will go to the Gym and hammer myself.
If my weight is down I will go to the gym and hammer myself.