Only 7 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon and I am struggling a bit. Sore foot still troubles me and I am having to force myself out the door to get onto the roads in the evenings.

I am following Pat Carroll’s coaching program although for most of this week I really did not do much. As follows :

MONDAY: I ran around 30 Kms the day before in about 2 hours 45. As I was pretty sore I took a rest day. In the morning I pushed weights for an hour in the gym and in the afternoon ran a slow 3 km.

TUESDAY: Still did not feel great. Ran 7 km with Mi Chan in light rain.

It is now September….race is next month !!!!

WEDNESDAY: Just could not get the motivation going so ran the reverse of yesterday’s run of 7 km. Running again with Mi Chan ran 46 seconds faster than yesterday.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY/SATURDAY:  Ran 3 km each day. Had a small cold and leg hurt.


My PLAN was to run the Melbourne Marathon in such a time that would qualify me for an Age Group Elite start. However for the NY Marathon you can also qualify with a Half Marathon time.

One of the many troubles with my running these days is that I train very slowly. I run maybe around 5.30 per km at training.

I sometimes finish faster but rarely run 5 minute pace. For the race on Sunday I planned to average 5 minutes exactly which would get me the qualification time.

Parked the car 2 Kms from the start and ran to the line. I think this was a good move as my leg always gives me trouble first thing in the morning and a warm up run helps.By the time I was on the start line I was no longer limping.

Pat suggested taking a gel one hour before the race which I did. This may have helped. Certainly did not hurt me.

START: Ran the first 3 Kms in 4.51,4.44 and 4.55. Time in the bank but unfortunately it felt fast. Fast for me !


Race was on roads which I like but had to be run in long laps and each lap had a hill….not a big hill….but a hill.From 5-10 km did not feel well but tried to keep below 5 minute pace. 4.59/4.55/4.58/5.04/4.59

After half way I started to count down the laps…9 to go…8 to go. Time ok 4.53/4.57/4.57/5.08/5.01

Struggled a bit after 15 km but kept in mind I had time in the bank and after getting up the hill for the last time I could run home hard. Km time 15-20: 5.01/5.03/5.05/5.06/5.06

Finally turned for home….last full km 4.43 ( fastest for the day)….last couple of hundred meters ( I made distance 21.2) was run at 4.17 pace.


My aim was to run at 5.00 minutes per km….my average time was 4.59.

Made the qualifying time for the New York Marathon 2017.

I found this a hard enough run. Certainly I can do better.


Marathon Training: 10 weeks to go.


With 10 weeks to go until the Melbourne marathon I had a little set back when I cut my heal after trying to modify my running shoes.
But my main problem is a sore heal and back of leg.
But I still have time….

This week’s training so far

AM: Cutting down parts of trees and sawing branches. He is a lumberjack and he is OK.
PM : 11 Km 57 minutes
Did not feel good from the start and even worse at the end. But over all an ok run with Mi Chan with a strong finish.
Cut my heal badly.


AM: Gym. 55 minutes. upper body and abs.
PM : Track. 3x 500 and a couple of shorter sprints….found this hard.
Leg painful. I seem to have very little speed over a short distance.
After second rep felt a bit faint.


AM : Enjoyable run with friend Peter who is probably faster than me.
13 Km at 5.25 pace but with last 5 Kms a lot faster and the last one in 4.42.
Leg still sore hurting each time I hit the ground.

PM : Gym .55 minutes….upper body and pushed some weights with my legs.
Chest sore/ heal still hurting ( limped around Gym!)

THIS SATURDAY….running a leg of an Ekiden for APS United. Down at Anglesea where I have my beach house. Should be interesting.


Despite a few pains I am probably further along than I was this time last year. just have to over come this leg pain and then focus my mind towards getting in some long runs.