Tomorrow is the big day. I start training again. I have been doing some running and am thinking of what I have been doing as a sort of pre-season. I am not very fast or strong and am certainly the most inflexible I have ever been….but the plan is to change all that……starting December 25 th

This last week has gone as follows :

MONDAY : A steady run with Tamami San of about 14 km. Weight 67.7 km.


TUESDAY: Only a short jog followed by a hard 30 minutes on the exercise bike ( hate the bike )…I really hammer myself for 20 seconds and then go steady for 40 seconds and then repeat….Found this hard. I have done this in the past and almost fainted but not this time which was a plus.


WEDNESDAY : Ran a steady 5 km with Tamami and then did a fairly hard hill sprint session. Felt a but faint near the end but all good.

IN THE EVENING went to a running/ English class which involved lots of exercises and a short jog. A fun evening. Proved to myself yet again just how stiff I am. I Will stretch more !!! 👍

THURSDAY : Wanted to run around the paths next to the canals near our home. But this is mostly tiles.As it was raining heavily I did not want to slip so ran a miserable 2 km and went home. 😡 Pretty weak I know.😰

FRIDAY : RACE…..only a low key 5 km race along a path next to a river some where on the out skirts of Tokyo. Ran OK for this stage and finished 4 th. At one stage I thought I may be winning….but in reality the leaders out of sight😪 NO age categories so I went home with nothing part from some weird sort of hand warmer that came with the race entry. I CERTAINLY can do one hell of a lot better.

SATURDAY: HILL TRIBE…..ran with the Namban Rengo up 8 hills. I am still woefully weak and slow but finished ahead of 5 or 6 others….although saying that one was older than me and the other not well. Tried to match some strong young girl but eventually lost out to her …..she is my target next week.🏃🏻🏃🏻

AS stated tomorrow I will direct my energies to getting fit…getting strong and getting more flexible.💪






Marathon: Training : First Day Completed


After two weeks rest it was great to get out and start my training for the Melbourne Marathon which is to be held in a little less than 13 weeks time.

It is very easy to get over excited on the first day and do too much. Accordingly I decided to just gently ease my way back into it.

GYM: Good solid hour pushing weights and working on my abs ( they need a lot of work).
300 crunches on the exercise ball.
Also did some leg presses. Not much. 3 sets of 20. I do these fairly slowly as I am scared of getting injured. I have not done such for yonks.

RUN: 17 Km in 88 minutes.
Not that easy but held back a bit as I want to beat that time next time I do run this particular route. Generally flat with only a couple of hills. Cold but no rain.Windy.


HEART RATE; Fairly high at one point so it would seem I have a lot of work to do.
Also shows run was far from a walk in the park.
Time was of course very slow but I find that training runs are almost always slower than race pace ( or so I tell myself).


This week I will just turn my legs over. I will race on Saturday on a very hard hilly cross country course….not that keen but it’s all training I suppose.

Marathon Training started today. Paris April 12 th


Today I started training for the Paris Marathon in 5 weeks time.

As it is my birthday today I ran 63 minutes with Tamami.
Easy run. Certainly did not want to do too much on the first day.


PLAN for this WEEK is to take it really easy and just get my legs turning over.
I certainly don’t want to do too much too soon. I still have almost 5 weeks until Paris.

MONDAY : Easy 63 minutes
TUESDAY : AM: Gym. PM Easy 6 Km
WEDNESDAY : AM 21 Km. Not over fast but not slow. PM Gym ( free pass!)
THURSDAY : Easy 6 Km
FRIDAY : Longer run 25 Km.
SATURDAY : AM Gym PM easy 6
SUNDAY : ? Probably nothing,just an easy 12 Km.

Today was extra good as Tamami ran with me. Birthday treat.


PARIS marathon : April 12 th.
If I can run well here I will not do any more Marathons this year…well except Melbourne.
I will concentrate on staying healthy and trying to run a little faster.