9 Weeks till Marathon !


Not long until the Melbourne Marathon. I am ( trying) to follow a Marathon Training Schedule set out for me by Marathon runner Pat Carroll. I still suffer from a sore ankle/heel which takes a lot of the joy out of running.

I will ignore all pain.


My weeks training is as follows. I have noted first what Pat says I should do and what I have actually done.

Monday: Pat says today is a rest day. Despite the pain in my foot I did not feel too bad so ran 10 km with Mi Chan. I did not time it. Probably ran the last few Kms too fast.

TUESDAY: Pat says 15 hill sprints. I warmed up with about 2 km of jogging and then ran 15 hill sprints. Felt a bit ill after the first 10. Heart rate went through the roof,but that is expected.

WEDNESDAY : Pat says 1 hour 30. I ran 1-45 with some hard hills.Did not measure the distance. Stopped for some road crossing which did not help. Felt fairly bad afterwards but no big deal.Took a fair while to recover.I was reasonably happy.Did not take any gels or water .


THURSDAY : Pat says 50 minutes but legs very  sore so  I ran about 3 km then tried some down hill running of which I am very bad at. Ankle hurt the whole time. I really am exceptionally bad running down any sort of hill. Even if my foot did not hurt I would still be bad downhill! 😦

FRIDAY: Pat said 30 minutes. Ran 30 minutes. Probably ran a bit too fast. Took a while to recover. Felt sick but I think that was just from lack of food. Must not run so late in the day.

SATURDAY : RACE DAY: Ran an easy 3 km in the morning. Ran a very hilly club run of about 8 km in the afternoon.Took it very easy at the start and pushed a little at the end. Far from easy but an OK run. I could have run a lot faster but as Pat says ‘ Marathon is the aim’

SUNDAY : Pat says ‘ long run ‘ but I was out at club function the night before and of course the Olympics were on….then I went to the Football ( we lost!!!) and then  immediately raced to the airport to catch a flight to Surfers Paradise where I own an apartment. Lots of excuses. Got a short run in of course but nothing to blog about.

OVERALL…a fair week if not great. Staying up late every night watching the Olympics probably did not help me. I saw my Doctor who gave me a referral to a Heart Specialist. Still in two minds deciding if I should make an appointment.I do not want to hear negative advice. I have orthotics and although I do not do much running wearing them I use everyday and I think…maybe…they are helping me a little with my constant heel pain.

WEIGHT ETC: My weight is 66.3 Kgms….not really great but I can certainly reduce over the next two months. My Resting Heart Rate is 46. Blood Pressure is 136/92. Again not perfect but not on death’s door ( I hope).

NEXT  WEEK: I will spend some time in sunny Queensland and hopefully run along the beach. 🙂





Week 4 Marathon Training


I  have now completed week four of the training schedule set out by Queensland Marat. Champion,Pat Carroll. That leaves me 11 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.

still have a sore heel/ankle which makes running a little painful. But I now have ORTHODICS  which I hope will help at least a bit. Taking it easy with them and just wearing them in very slowly.


Monday: Pat’s schedule said ” rest ” so I pretty much rested. In the morning I ran 3 km with my new ORTHODICS.Went ok. In the afternoon I had an 80 minute session in the gym.For me this was quite hard. Mainly upper body and abs but I did do some less presses which I certainly felt.


Tuesday : Schedule said. 4,3,2,1 minute efforts with 30 second jog between. Ran my usual 3 K m in orthodics.I tried to follow the schedule but felt sick after first 4 minutes which I probably ran too fast.Did another 4 reps of lesser time. Ran 3 km warm up and about 2 km warm down. Not a good day.Heel hurt a lot.

Wednesday : schedule said 70 minutes. Legs felt sore in the morning so did nothing. In the afternoon I ran my old 8 km course. Felt sick at 8 km. Not good if I want to run 42.2 km. Did a U turn and ran back. Total 16 km. 85.24. I am sure I used to do this in 82 a few years ago,although can’t find diary entry.  Ran the last Km hard  into the wind and felt a bit sick but not too bad.

Thursday : Schedule said 50 minutes. Ran 3km in orthodics. feeling ok if slow. Ran 50 minutes in the afternoon wearing my trail running shoes. Felt ok although very very slow.Do not like these shoes.

Friday : Schedule 30 minutes. Just ran 15 minutes as race tomorrowSaturday : Ran 3 km in orthodics in the morning. OK but heel hurt a lot.

RACE : a few years ago I ran this race and fell cutting my head open and breaking a few ribs. So I am a little afraid of a repeat. People calling out to me ” don’t fall” do not really help. I generally ran very very slowly although the last km was on the road and I ran that in 4.47. Certainly don’t think my clumpy old trail shoes made me any faster…in fact they felt heavy and stiff.  But on the other hand I did not end up in hospital this time so that is a plus.


Sunday: Schedule said a long run of 2 hours 20 minutes. After slogging up and down hills in the mud and slush on Saturday I lacked the will power to get out. Ran another 3 km in my orthodics. I will reschedule the long run.

So that was week 4. I know I am not going very well but am confident I can push myself harder as the weeks go by.

Marathon: plans


It is 8 weeks until the Toyko Marathon and I am into my 4 th day of training.
Today was a rest day and I did not run. Well I ran 3 Km.But that is not much.
Also did 100 push ups and 200 stomach crunches.
Even though I ran short I still used ice. Knee is sore but maybe not so much so.


As I have just started I have no intention of falling into the age old trap of doing Too Much Too Soon. So this week my plan is.

Monday : Easy
Tuesday : AM : Gym. PM : Easy run….say 10 Km.
Wednesday : Medium Long….around 19 Km
Thursday : Second Medium Long. 20 Km with Tamami.
Friday : Easy
Saturday : Easy
Sunday : Long 25 Km.

Harder weeks will be left to later in my Marathon build up.


Hopefully I can handle this schedule without too much stress.
It does seem to have a lot of ‘ easy ‘ days. But I figure as I am coming off a long lay off and have a wonky knee I need all the rest I can get.

Marathon: Recovery


Whilst Tamami roared off into the rain this afternoon I sat around getting fat. Not good. 😦

I am still letting my sore knee have a rest. Most pain I can deal with and run through….that is half the fun of running marathons. But I am scared the tendon behind my knee will simply pack it in and I will be forced to go to Injury Island yet again….yet again.

First Rule of Running : Do not get injured !!

Short jog.
Push ups 120 ( I am doing more)
Stomach Crunches 400
Plank: 3 minutes
Leg lifts with weight strapped on. 10 by 2 for each leg.
Also used the old roller.( quads still sore)


I will start training for the Tokyo Marathon ( Feb 22 ) on Boxing Day. December 26.
Plan is to build up from 20 Km runs to ( maybe ) 35 Km runs. Also I want to get my overall speed up. Run a little faster. I especially want to run the second half of my training runs faster than the first. I also want to find a hill which I can run up for 60 seconds. I think that would be reasonable. Just have to find the suitable hill….not interested in dodging cars when I am dragging myself up an incline.

THURSDAY : will go to the Doctor. I need ashma medication….my blood pressure is off the planet…I sleep badly….I am a mess.

FRIDAY: I will weigh myself. I am hoping to be under 69 Kgm. I would like to run Tokyo Marathon at ( or even under ) 66kgm. Gotta stay away from….food.
Living a far too easy life in Japan. Back in Australia now….


Training Schedule for Half marathon.


I plan to run the Gold Coast Half Marathon in early July and the Killarney Half in Ireland  in mid July.

I have no hope of getting anywhere near my PB of 81.22 but am not stressed over this. I just want to run a time in the mid 90s. Surely this should be possible. 

I have planned a training schedule. If it goes well…that’s great. If not…well I will try something else.

This is what I planning to do…in fact have done for one week. First race is 9 weeks away.

TRAINING schedule:

SUNDAY: Long Run. 20-25 Km  ( not too slow and trying to run the last 3-5 Km fairly fast)

MONDAY: Rest. Maybe 3-6 Km.

TUESDAY: Race with Masters on the track OR my 5 Km route as hard as I can after 4 Km warm up.

WEDNESDAY: Medium Long run. 16-20 Km. Fairly fast but less slower than race pace.

THURSDAY :Race on track with masters or hill repeats locally. 10x 30 seconds.3 Km warm up. ( only 30 seconds as this is convenient hill close to home)

FRIDAY : Rest ( 3-6 Km)


Maybe not perfect but I think it’s reasonably OK. Not set in stone…meaning I can modify.


For Saturday it’s a race or Hills.


My self made Half Marathon Training Plan calls for a race or some hill training on a Saturday. It is the cross country season here in Melbourne so most weeks there will be a race. I could have raced 6 Km but as it has been less than 3 weeks since the Canberra Marathon and I also don’t feel that well,I decided to opt our of the race.

I trained with Julz as Tamami has had her leg operated on and can only walk.

We ran about 3 Km and then did 10 steep, but not particularly long,hills. I ran hard but I was left behind by Julz. She is 30 years younger and really just killed me on the first 6 hills. I got last her in hill 7 and 8 but she hung tough and beat me on the last two. It certainly showed me just how poor I really am.

65 push ups…100 stomach crunches.



Half Marathon Training Schedule


Nine and a half weeks until the Gold Coast half. Then two weeks after that another Half in Ireland. Now to put together a training schedule of some sort.

Difficulty of course is that I lack both stamina and speed which are kind of good things to have if you want to run a half way decent Half.

But I have pretty much put together a long base. I can run for 5 hours or more with out too much trouble…as long as I don’t run very fast ! With my speed or lack of it I am still running over 4 minutes per Km. But I am planning to do a few more track races with the masters mid week and hopefully I can get under 4 minutes. And even if I can’t it does not matter too much as my target time is very moderate…to say the least.

I am putting my schedule together. FIRST off I plan for a long run on Sunday and a medium long run mid week. Nothing revolutionary there of course. BUT I plan that the long run will not really that long and the same with the mid week run. My Sunday run will be no longer that 25 Km and my mid week will be only 16-20 Km. If this works…great…if not…well I will try something else.

More on my schedule in later posts…..

TODAY….today was a less long mid week run. Conditions were pretty good…13 degrees and no rain. Alone I ran my usual 8 Km run and then did a U turn and ran back for a total of 16 Km.  A few hills…a few turns…mainly paths…Pace was 5.30 which I know is painfully slow but I don’t think pushing myself to go under 5 would have really helped me at this stage…plenty of time for that.

60 push ups….100 stomach crunches…2 min plank….Image